TJ Maxx Now Has Juicy, Coach, and Kate Spade Shoes!

  1. I went to TJ Maxx tonight and saw that they just got in a huge shipment of designer shoes. They had:

    Juicy Couture Patent Stacked Heel Mary Janes with a cute gold JC charm hanging off one of the two skinny straps, they were $99

    Juicy Flats, didnt get a close look, these were also $99

    Kate Spade red suedo flats with a LARGE bow on the front, these were also $99

    Then they had several syles of Coach shoes - a couple of shiny patent flats with a "lock" on the toe in different colors all with gold hardware and then a couple of heels, a wedge, and some serious platform sandals, all for $149

    Pretty decent deals, and I would assume if my TJM had them then most others will - this TJM is in Stirling NJ if you were curious.

    I contemplated the Juicy MJs but passed bc I wear sneakers everyday to work and couldnt justify it!
  2. wow, i was just at mine earlier today.. no cute shoes at all. only clearance marked ones... but thanks, i'll have to check back in sometime soon...
  3. I was at my TJs two weeks ago and they had these adorable Coach flats for 80, they were just taking them out of the boxes and ripping the boxes up (it broke my heart to see that)!
  4. I was at Marshalls today and I saw a lot of Juicy shoes too.. Sandals especially.
  5. ohh thxxxxxxx!!!

  6. Im sorry if this is rude, but can I ask how tall you are if youa re trying to get down to 100lbs? Im all about the support, but I had a friend who wanted to be 110 and she was like 5'9!
  7. I bought a bunch of Juicy shoes last summer. They've had Juicy, Coach, and Kate Spade for a while
  8. The Coach retail store had the Noel shoes on sale for $69 for well over three months. They even had the latest Fall 2007 ones they marked down over half off to clear inventory.