TJ Maxx... here I come!!!

  1. Ok, so I don't have a TJ Maxx where I live <~ yes, very sad :sad: , I know... lol... BUT, I am going to go visit my boyfriend in Albuquerque next weekend, and he lives like 5 minutes from a TJ Maxx. SOOO, I was wondering if anybody is from Albuquerque, and if so, could you possibly tell me what they have at the TJ Maxx there. I want to be prepared for my visit... lol...

    Thanks Ladies!!!

  2. I'm not from Albuquerque but I can say that my TJMaxx never had Coach-of course, I haven't been looking for that long, lol. But I've seen some at Marshalls, fyi.
  3. Oh really... well then I'll have to go there too! As a matter of fact, maybe I'll go today! There's a Marshall right by my house!

    Thanks sweetmelissa!!!

  4. No problem, I hope you find a lot of good cheap Coach there :graucho:
  5. ME TOO!!! Lol... I'll definitely let you know what I find!

  6. Here in AZ, I've seen Coach bags at Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Steinmart.
  7. yea here in Carrollton Ga (yea no one knows where that is) we have them at TJMaxx
  8. OMG - I grew up in Carrollton! Small world! They have a TJMaxx now?
  9. yes a Hobby Lobby now a Longhorn, a Ruby Tuesdays, and a O'Charleys and our Ross opens on Saturday!! and there is talks for a red Lobster! We are MOVING up in the world!
  10. My little hometown is becoming a metropolis! :lol:

    My parents moved to St Simons years ago, so I never get back to C-town anymore.
  11. you should come back sometime!! you might not recognize it thou..hehe it seems like i am always around (school and work)
  12. I have gone to 3 TJMaxx's around New Orleans and they all have had Coach
  13. tj maxx in calif had the demi and gallery tote w/straw and bumble bee motif w/ large flower on them and crystals....very cute summer bags from past seasons
    i put the demi on layaway and it was 79.00
    marshalls here had the demi in the white w/red poppy
    it was selling for 119.00.....
  14. i can always find coach and dooney at the local tjmaxx :yes:
  15. I have been to 2 different tj maxx's and only saw 2 Coach bags each time.