TJ Maxx Fishy Markdown Processes

  1. Hi everyone! I hope you're having a terrific Thursday :biggrin:! So I was wondering if anyone could share light on this perplexing situation/issue. I live around a few TJ Maxx stores and I always head to the one with a Runway section; however, I've noticed that the store with a Runway is always taking forever to do their markdowns. I.e. items that I'll see in the other TJ Maxx stores will be marked down more than the same exact item in this store and it's puzzling. For instance, I was watching a BCBG dress, the dress appeared around Winter 2010 for around maybe 399 or 359, and it went down slowly to 220 in June 2011, and I just couldn't understand why it had only been marked down maybe twice or 3 times in 6 months, so I summoned my bravery and asked the manager was there any chance that it was marked correctly and she shot it with the gun and it was actually $160 so of course I bought the dress, but the other one in the store still remained marked $220 for weeks after I bought mine. So I say that to ask, does anyone know if they have a certain mark down schedule? I googled before and saw the thing where you're supposed to look at the numbers on the tag and it corresponds to a certain month and all that jazz but then the SAs say it's not always true...idk I hate to ask the manager to check my items, but I'd be pissed to pay $59 for something that really should be marked $39. Has anyone else ran into this?
  2. I haven't run into this at TJ Maxx, but I have at Lane Bryant at the register. I'm not really up to date on the practices of stores but it seems it's marked down in their system, but not on the tags many times. I guess b/c of the high rate of turnover (apparently not in the case of your BCBG dress!), it's just easier to take the discount at the time of sale, rather than remarking every item. I don't think the SAs would mind scanning the tags for you if you catch them on the floor. You might want to go back and check the $220 dress and see if it's marked down in their system :smile:
  3. I know exactly what you mean - but my tj maxx does the same thing, and if you ask for something to be marked down - they give you so much attitude!!!

    I once asked for a reduction on a clearly damaged skirt (it had some jewels missing) and the guy behind the desk was horrible. No help at all.
  4. Yes!!! Oh my goodness this is SO true and irritating! They always want to say..."this is why the item is on clearance" and I always want to go off and say "No honey, I consider myself a professional clearance shopper and you're supposed to be courteous and take extra off bc I'm going to have to go home and fix up this garment just to wear it! So give me my freaking 15% off and stop acting like it's going to affect your paycheck!" ...but I'm too shy and nice to say it out loud. Lol
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  5. Rainrowan, I have also ran into this at several stores like GAP or BR, I absolutely love it when it does! But this hasn't happened to me at TJMAXX, if I have two of the same item but one is marked higher than the other I always have to take both to the register bc they will sell it to me for the higher price bc it's not marked :-/
  6. In my experience, not at a tj maxx though, when things go on sale or clearance all we get is a print out with sku numbers and a brief abbreviated description sometimes they don't even make sense. And it's up the the SA to try and figure out what the description is and hunt the item down to mark it down. Sometimes some people cant do their jobs and mark things down because they can't figure out what the item is or can't locate it in store. I don't know how TJ does it though.
  7. What I don't understand is why Doesn't TJMaxx just have tags that scan at the register the lower price even though it's not marked the lower price? Like Target for example?

    Or have they updated this? I stopped shopping there for a long time due to a bad experience with a tag situation and when I went to get a price they tried giving me a full price tag on an item I KNEW had been there for a very long time, was out of season and had been on clearance and haven't been back since.

    Even if the sales clerk didn't get a chance to "mark" it the register should ring up the lower price, or they should have scanners like other stores do, this would make things so much easier -- but I feel they don't do this to get more $$ out of customers unless they have changed things since I have been in there last.
  8. Yes! exactly - even if you complain (on their fb, for example) they don't do anything to help you out. One time this happened at Filene's Basement, but they were so courteous! they gave me 1/2 off the item because someone had torn off the label - now that was customer service!
  9. In the UK, they mark down their prices after 14 days, then again with a red sticker if they really can't shift them...

    You can pick up some great bargains but there's only often one of everything so you have to week through lots of rubbish to find them!
  10. I have had experience with TJ Maxx being shady about markdowns. I went one day and lucked out and got a bunch of runway items marked down on yellow tag clearance for $39. I went 1 week later and they had taken the yellow stickers off and replaced with red markdown stickers for much more expensive! This isn't the first time this has happened. I have seen Alice and Olivia marked down to $39 at one TJ Maxx and the same exact dress for $89 at another. It makes me really mad!
  11. I was wondering if they did this but thought I am seeing things since how it makes no sense to mark up an item that didn't sell when it was marked down. Now I am pretty sure they did this at my TJs. Makes me so mad. Shady :sad:
  12. well different stores get items in at different times so that is why they're not the same price. loehmann's is like this and so are other discount stores. it's not Nordstrom or anything. i just take it as one of those occupational shopping hazards which is why i always go to more than one location.

    and i ask for them to check when things should be marked down. not the eye check. but the machine check. once i had to argue with the manager for quite sometime before she did it, and the items were lower priced! i have to be firm and sound like i know what i am talking about.
  13. Some of the discount stores change the ski when they mark things down, so if they miss it while scanning for markdowns it will ring up at full price at the register. I know some stores that also mark things down my area, so one store I went to had some stuff at full price while a store twenty minutes away had it marked down!
  14. There is a Lanvin clutch that's been at one of the stores by me for a long time now. I looked at the tag yesterday, and if I'm reading it correctly ([2]), they got it in FEBRUARY! I asked if it could have been missed during markdowns, and the SA told me that no, sometimes things don't get marked down (:confused1:). I asked if she could check anyhow, and she passed it off to her manager, who checked and sure enough -- it had NOT been marked down. So there it sits. Going on 8 months now, and it's still full price -- and no one's bought it. It just sits there in the case.
  15. Ohhh man that would irritate me so much!!!! Why is Tj's being so stingy nowadays?!