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  1. So as Seton and Twoboyz knows, we sort of created a sub-thread within my QVC thread of TJ Maxx or Marshall's finds. I only found one Dooney last night at one store. But then I went to another one and have found a bunch. They're mostly all coated cotton or nylon but I did find one leather - a sky mail carrier (99 bucks). Lol. Still exciting. I also found a large nylon pocket satchel in Bordeaux for $129. There were various sized cupcake design ones. I bunched them all together. I think people thought I was weird. Whatever. The bags were tempting but I don't need these right now. In saving mode. :sad:
    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1397406200.098971.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1397406241.177036.jpg

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  2. Thanks for starting the thread Bobetta. That large nylon pocket satchel is the one I was looking for. I don't know if I'd make the purchase though because I don't need it. :smile: I have a baker friend who would probably love those cupcake bags :smile:.

    I'll head to TJ Maxx in a little bit and report what I find.
  3. I think those cupcakes are cute ; I'd like to have a wristlet.
  4. Yeah, Twoboyz, I thought about you when I found the Nylon Pocket Satchel. But I didn't think it was the right color. If it was 99 bucks it would've been more exciting. 129 was ok, I guess. I couldn't believe how many bags I found at the one closest to me. Go figure. Sooo gonna check again. Do they get new inventory weekly? I gotta find out the scoop. Lol.

  5. The cupcakes were super cute in person. The small barrel ones were more tempting than the bigger sized hobo ones or the tote. The one size I didn't see was a wristlet. But they had all the other sizes in that style.
  6. hey, look at you! ur the great dooney hunter! good job!:smile:

  7. Lol. Thanks! I don't know if it's curiosity or obsession or both. ;)
  8. they put out stuff every fri

  9. Nice! Good to know. Thanks. :smile:
  10. Well not one Dooney to report in this trip. I thought it was a TJ Maxx buy it turns out it was a Marshall's. They seemed to have a lot of DKNY.
  11. I just stopped at another Marshall's and so far this one had the best bag so far in any of my trips. I didn't buy it because it's not one on my wish list and the outlet price is comparable.

    Calf Hobo $179

    And another nylon bag. $79
  12. getting better and better . . .
  13. Twoboyz, how did the calf leather feel? I've been going back and forth on this bag for the longest time!
  14. Its like we had a deal to check TJ MAXX or Marshalls today! I've went on my weekly pilgrimage to TJ Maxx and found canvas or nylon Dooney tote, with that bubbly one pocket up front that has a leather flap.

  15. The leather is so soft. The strap is very thick and substantial. It's not too heavy either, but the o-rings weigh it down a little. I almost bought this bag a couple times, but decided to get the calf convertible shopper instead. I'm hoping it finally delivers tomorrow or Tuesday after that Livermore debacle. I just think the calf leather is so nice.