TJ MAXX Finds???

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  1. Has anyone found anything there besides the original print Stellina? I am going today to look. Wish they had more styles/patterns:smile:
  2. i've been to three tj maxx's in my area and not found a single toki!
  3. Same here. I tried 2 TJ Maxx's & found nothing Toki though I managed to spend $70 there on other things. :Push:

    I think someone else from the area cleaned 'em out because I have seen a few original stellinas on eBay from someone local in Maumee, OH.
  4. I'm going on a Ross/ TJ Maxx trip today so I'll let everyone know what I find when I come back!!
  5. i had my mom check the one's in cleveland nothing there either, and i heard there were some in cincinnati, but driving with gas at 3 dollars for probably not finding anything wasn't worth it.

    it sucks too, because calling them isn't really effective, i used to work there and not to be rude but 95% of people that work there are unaware of any merchandise they carry.

    i did pick up a lot of disney couture and sold it on ebay when i went though!
  6. ooo how much did it sell for? or are they still on sale? I've been wondering how much disney couture and HL does on eBay but I've been too lazy to check!
  7. i made about ten dollars on each wallet so not too bad for already being there and not including shipping which i made a dollar or two on, the harajuku lovers is a hit or a miss, i picked up a large messenger for about 16 it was marked down at tj maxx and it is going for 32 with a few days left still, so that isn't too bad either!

    i went yesterday to return the items i bought that weren't going to sell and to check our last remaining tj maxx in the area, they had some disney couture snow white clutch wallets and they had three but i didn't get them...i want to wait to see how this stuff ends up doing when it ends!
  8. I live in Chicago and went to 3 TJ Maxx stores. At the last one I found the original black denaro (no qee) for $24.99 I was so excited I have wanted a wallet for so long but was never able to get one. Hope everyone has some luck :roflmfao:
  9. I haven't gone to any TJ Maxx's mostly because I only have access to one of their locations since I don't have a car. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't find anything anyhow ... they've probably been cleaned out of anything toki by now .. haha
  10. I went to several tj maxx and ross locations today and nothing :cry:I saw a few HJ tho, dooney and burke, and regular lesportsac
  11. i wonder if stores like ross or marshalls would ever carry anything toki because when i went i saw that they had some herijuku lovers bags marked down and some lesportsac so i went crazy looking for toki but found nothing.... has ne one ever found ne thing toki there??
  12. sorry didnt read the post before me :biggrin:
  13. I have never found any there.
  14. there was 1 person that found an original black denaro at a ross so it's possible but not very likely... people have found original print canguros and stuff at TJ Maxx mostly... Loehmann's gets the foresta, citta, and citta rosa

    makes u wonder if they got stuff in earlier and it's just dwindled :shocked:
  15. hmm ill probably check tomorrow, i was near tjmaxx but didnt go in - gotta check loehmanns tomorrow anyway too!
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