TJ Maxx experience today

  1. So I went to TJ Maxx today and the first thing I saw when I walked in was an 06 chocolate canvas with white trim Legacy shoulder bag, it was gorgeous but at $250 ish so much than what they were selling for in leather and sig in December. I also saw a scribble, It had like aqua color leather trim , it was a smallish/medium tote type bag with a soho type buckle, i am not familiar with this line but it did have pockets with turnlocks on the sides. Also a lot of that tweed stuff and a cute chelsea khaki wristlet for $25 dollars. I didn't get it because I don't really need another wristlet right now, I have 3 already and I like the bigger C's. They also had some of that striped outlet hamptons bags with shoes to match. Sorry, I don't know what the specifics of those are the shoes were i think around $70 and they were a size 10. The shoulder bag was the one piece that really caught my attention. I would have bought it but the drop on the bag is too short for me and not so great price.
  2. Thanks for the update!
  3. Oh your welcome and I forgot a brown pebbled chelsea satchel with the turnlock at the top. I didn't find it very attractive and almost didn't even recognize it as a Coach, I though it looked cheap.
  4. Man, what TJ's do you go to! Hahaha, they never have anything at mine!
  5. My TJMaxx has had Coach in the past but never such nice pieces....
  6. Yeah, mine just has the last year's factory stripe, green suede, and that herringbone stuff. Your Maxx is COOL!!
  7. It is on rt 114 in Peabody Ma. It is pretty cool but the prices not so great except for the wristlet.
  8. I just saw Coach leather handbags at TJ Maxx for about $179 retail $348. In white leather. I am not familiar with the style name since I have not bought for sometime.
  9. SCRIBBLE!!! I can't wait for the '08 to come out!