TJ Maxx Disappointment

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  1. I had no luck at TJ Maxx. There was one of the lavender stripe carryalls, but it had pink transfer on the white handles.

    They had no legacy wallets. Apparently all the wallets they had were now gone.

    No keyfobs. I checked the jewelry cases and found none.

    There was only 1 pouch, 1 swing pack, and a 3 of a bag I already own, the mahogany soho flap.

    My trip was a total bust. :crybaby:

    I will try another location this weekend, but I can't make it out there before then because it is an hour away!

    Any hope that they will restock?

    I have such bad luck. You gals are so lucky that scored such fabulous deals! :girlsigh:
  2. Sounds like My TJ Maxx and I have seen maybe 3 Coach bags there in the last 4 months and the ones I saw where some ugly ones that where made for the outlet and had an aweful shape to them
  3. notta at my tj's either... except that lavender hamptons tote and a large black bleecker duffle and thats it!!!!!

    so no coach for me, but i did buy a D&G watch :smile:
  4. Aww bummer. Hope you get lots of luck when you go this weekend!
  5. I stopped by my TJM today after work, and as usual, not a drop of Coach! I have seen Coach sunnies in the jewelry case at my store, but NEVER any Coach bags. I guess mine is one of the stores that doesn't get any.:hrmm:
  6. Mine had only three soho flaps. No bueno!
  7. Aw, I hope they re-stock at your store. That's sad they were out of the good stuff, if they ever had it at all. The only thing I sorta wanted was the large checkbook white Gardenia Legacy wallet but then again I'm not a fan of the kisslock closure and that wallet doesn't have a checkbook sleeve case inside it so that's odd. If I ever find one I'll probably snatch it up, though.
  8. Awww, I totally understand. I went to three stores (and Marshalls) today and didn't have luck at any of them. They did have some nice bags, but not a wallet to be had.

    I was putting my son to bed a while ago and I dozed for a minute and dreamed of finding legacy wallets at TJ's! You girls have me obsessed now!
  9. Aww I'm sorry! :tdown: Ours also had one white hamptons satchel and it had pink transfer on the front white part too.. I didn't even see it at first, they had their tags hanging in front of it. Other than that just soho flaps and the little pouch bags. I hope you find better stuff next time! :tup:
  10. What is up with all the pink transfers on the lavender satchels? Is that the reason why they handed up at TJ Maxx?
  11. i never find anything in the bay area, ca TJ maxx's
  12. better luck next time dearie..
  13. I hear ya! i went to TJs yesterday looking for the white carryall (want one soooooooooo badly lol) and of course they did not have it. No wallets either...I guess my best bet will be everyone buying them and selling them on ebay!
  14. I am glad that my TJ Maxx isn't the only with out the great finds.

    I called my local store. They only have the chelsea wallets. I hope they get legacy soon!
  15. BUMMER :sad: keep checking, next time you'll find tons :smile: