TJ Maxx designer handbag sale

  1. I heard on the radio yesterday that today started the TJ Maxx designer handbag sale ... they said they will have the largest selection of designer handbags ever. I'm going to check it out tonight, I'll let you know what I see. I'm not sure if it's just in FL or everywhere.
  2. So did you go? Did they have anything worth checking out?
  3. It wasn't all that different -- it may have been my TJ Maxx. The only thing different was I saw a few Kate Spade bags + wallets (mine never has KS) and the clearance section was HUGE, like 1/3 of the bags at least. I picked up a Lovcat wallet for $35, but that was it. It may have just been my TJ Maxx, I went to the small one by me, not the bigger one another 20 minutes away. Anyone else check it out?
  4. The only designers my T.J. Maxx had today that were different than normal were a few plain signature Dooney's and 3-5 items from kate spade. Not a huge showcase of high-end designers, as they are advertising... I'm in MPLS, by the way.
  5. Yeah, mine never has Kate Spade, either. I'll try to stop by today and see if they have anything here.
  6. My TjMaxx carrys coach and donneys also
  7. I will run there but usually don't find anything I am in love with.
  8. Mine had nothing great. A small handful of Kate Spade items at okay prices (nylon wallet, $60), some ugly D&B sig print, and some quilted nylon Coach with fur :/. They had a sign up quoting "hi-end designer bags" Heheh.
  9. Do you remember how much the Coach was? Mine didn't have much Coach (that's what I was looking for).

    I'll give them designer bags, but not high end! Haha. If they're high end, what's regular designer bags? Liz Claiborne? :biggrin:
  10. The Coachs were $200. At mine they had the black and white nylon puffer bags w/ the fur on the top (rabbit). They also had some signature pieces for $200. And ours had a TON of DB. I picked a DB up for my mom.
  11. Oh, and mine had several Marc Jacobs too.
  12. Which Marc Jacobs? Did you recognize any of the styles? (and which TJ Maxx is this?)
  13. I couldn't name the styles. They were all silver metallic ones in various shapes and sizes. It was a TJ Maxx by my parents' in Ohio.
  14. The TJ Maxx that I went to also had several of the older style of the D&B signature. They also had the quilted Coach w/rabbit fur for $199.00. I may check out another one tomorrow but I was a little dissapointing.
  15. Hmm I dont think I've seen coach bags at my TJ's...but then again I havent been shopping there that much lately.
    I know they've always had Kenneth Cole and some other desginers though.
    Hmm... now I kinda wanna go scope out their selection