TJ Maxx Designer Handbag Event TODAY

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  1. During the week I saw somewhere online that TJ Maxx is having their designer handbag event starting today. Yesterday, I tried looking for the site again because I was going to post it on TPF. I did numerous searches and I could not find it anywhere so I figured it had to have been fake. And then this morning I found it again. The odd thing is, I searched google so many times and this is the ONLY site that has it mentioned. Has anyone else heard of the event and is it worth going to??
  2. I got an email from TJ Maxx about this. I can't recall them ever really doing a Handbag event before.
  3. thanks for letting me know. I was there yesterday and wanted a purse but it was too much money. I am going back today!!!!
  4. I saw a banner for it on ebay. I was there yesterday...I wonder if they really have new bags that they will put out between yesterday and today.
  5. My TJM is a ways away, but if they truly are having a sale, then it might be worth the trip.
  6. I went to mine and it wasn't worth it at all. They usually have Dooney's and once in a while coach. The regular bags they have were no on sale. They had an extra section for "desginer" bags but they weren't even designers I ever heard of.
  7. They did this last year, too. As I recall, lots of stuff that they normally have. TJ's prices usually start around half of the retail price. For Coach, I usually see better deals at the outlets.
  8. all my tjmaxx has is babyphat and off brands :tdown:
  9. I went to TJs this morning and got two Betsey Johnsons, one Michael Kors, and one Monsac. Nothing was drastically reduced. It seems that by designer handbag event, they mean that they have a few more upscale brands than they usually do. I saw some Coach and Dooneys but they were nothing special and weren't that great of a price.
  10. My TJ's usually has nothing good....but it's so close by, I'm going to go check it out now. Thanks!
  11. My TJM was still putting out a bunch of Michael Kors and a bunch of Coach when it opened. A couple of women were grabbing all the larger Coach bags, I presume to resell them. Not much else was new. They did have a slew of Coach keychains for $10.

    A second TJM I went by had a new bunch of small Dooney's and a few nice B. Makowsky's.
  12. My TJ Maxx had a bunch of Coach and Dooney purses and wallets, as well as lots of Michael Kors. I also saw a couple of Hype bags.
  13. Went to TJMaxx today and they had some Besty Johnson, Michael Kors and Coach. What surprised me is that they had (3) Coach leather french wallets (long ones) in Whiskey, Natural and White for $99 and they also had (1) small french wallet in white leather for $79.00. I'm pretty sure these are still on the Coach website.
    They also had a few other misc. wallets, the 2006 signature stripe multi-function/diaper bag with the multi-color stripe, a few bleeker duffles in leather (someone bought the chocolate siggy one when I was there). A few siggy pouches and small leather flap bags (not sure which line they are from).
    I was surprised they had that much, they usually don't have anything good.
    Oh, they also had a hamptons satchel (it was a chocolate color w/teal lining, a front slip pocket and leather "whip-stitched" around it and on the handles), it was something like $469, regular retail was $798.
  14. I didn't know TJM had designer events. Does anyone know if they have a better selection of bags at their runway stores?
  15. At my TJ Maxx, they had MK, Coach and Betsey Johnson; pretty much what everyone else has mentioned. The deals were not that great.