TJ and Marshalls.. How do you do it?


Aug 4, 2007
Hey gals!
I get so envious when I see all these TJ and Marshall finds!!
How do you gals find all this wonderful stuff???

I understand it's all about what kind of store you goto and if they had any new shipment in or something..

But I don't know ANY of this!! Can anyone be so kind and enlighten me?? XD

Such as.. when does TJ/Marshalls get new shipment..
Where do you look exactly to find those cute little wristlets/keyfobs/wallets??? (I look in the general handbag section and I see NOTHING!!) Are they hidden or something?!!? XD

Any detective coach finding skills would be awesome!! Haha.. :biggrin:

You girls are awesome!!


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Dec 20, 2006
I know at my TJM, they get new shipments on Thursdays and restock the shelves on Fridays. If I can be there Friday morning right when they open, that's when I usually find some good stuff. If I wait until a couple days after the new stuff is out, it's usually gone. Your best bet is to find out what day your local stores receive their shipments, when they stock shelves, all that good stuff, and plan your trips then.

In my TJM, they sometimes keep the bigger name sunglasses, wallets, dayplanners, etc., up on the checkout counter instead of jumbled in with the other stuff.


Sep 15, 2007
My TJs and Marshalls gets stock in on Tues, and then they stock anywhere from that day on through the just don't know. It depends on the store as to how fast they do it. They seem to get the stuff out pretty quickly at the runway store, but hold on to it till they have the staff to unload it at other stores (you can sometimes view the handbag crates in the dressing room area, if the person will let you). I would recommend calling and asking before you go. Around here they are not that nice to answer such questions, or they are rude about it, but I can usually pop in a couple of the stores easily because I'm close to them.

The expensive and small items are usually kept in the glass cases at the jewelry counter...that's where all the Coach and Dooney wallets and other accessories were.

It really is hit or miss, but the thing you have to keep in mind is that the store changes weekly, and sometimes every couple of days. You just have to keep trying, and I'm sure you will find something eventually! There are many weeks I don't find anything at all at any of them!


Jan 11, 2008
My store seems to be getting in stock all the time, the store really does change day to day.... your best bet is to just keep going. It seems the stores vary pretty wildly, so if you just keep trying mybe you can figure out more about your store.


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Mar 9, 2007
South Jersey
^^Yes, I don't usually find these items with the regular wallets/accessories. In my store they are usually all right up by the registers in a basket. Sometimes they might be locked up in the jewelry case too. Once in a while there is one or two mixed in with the regular stuff but it is rare.

Seriously, don't give up. I went to TJs three days in a row and came up empty the first couple times. It is hit or miss but totally worth it when the hit comes!


Oct 26, 2006
Tampa Bay!
I have only found a very few things at my Marshalls. We don't have a TJM less than 20 miles away. I try to check 3X a week. I have only purchased a wristlet there.

Toto too

Nov 21, 2006
It really depends on each store. I've been in stores two days in a row, and there will be one new item hanging there that I know wasn't there the day before. New things can pop up at any time, not just the stocking days.

It's funny, I was at one in my area and the lady at the jewelry counter said, "Oh, making your weekly sweep?" I go in to look all the time, but don't always buy. It's sad when they recognize you. But, I try to talk to them to find out what's coming in. I did find out that gold only gets marked down twice, so if you see the second sticker on it, that's when you buy. The SA told me that they have regular customers who come in just to look for the second markdown items, and one woman bought over 1K worth of jewelry.

The markdowns seem pretty random to me, too. I was in one store last week, bought a Versace watch for $40 (!) and some Gucci sunnies that had been marked down to $48. I went back this week, and there was a pair of Coach sunnies that had been $59, but were now marked down to $39. There were only about 4 pair of sunnies that had been makred down, don't know why this pair was but I snatched them up, along with two pair of earrings.

The best thing to do is like said before, find out the stocking days, but then also go whenever you can. Sometimes I blow through there in 10 minutes because if you go often enough, you can tell when something has been added. Good luck!


Feb 5, 2008
Las Vegas, NV
I found and bought the small white french wallet at a TJ Maxx across town. I'm planning on selling it. It doesn't match my gardenia leigh exactly (much whiter) and I'm not feeling it even though the kisslock closure does close very tightly (coins don't pop out of this one) and is a nice wallet. The Coach logo is stamped kinda crooked on the front.
I was hoping to see the rust ergo and the signature belted magazine ergo but there was nothing like that there, just very small soho flaps purses. I have too many purses, anyway, so kinda glad I wasn't tempted into buying more stuff.


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Aug 2, 2006
Well for me I have been to my TJ's many times over the last year or two and once in a blue moon they have a coach bag but it is never anything I want (ie the tweed satchel, etc) I think this last week they were having some sort of designer handbag event, or they are getting in more things.. that is the only reason I went into mine and they had way more stuff than usual.. so I am just not sure. I kind of hope they keep getting them in, but I kind of don't. kwim. :shrugs:


Feb 14, 2006
Pacific Northwest
I check my TJ Maxx regularly. I'm sure they think I'm a stalker! Usually the good 'small goods' are up by the register. Sunnies are randomly in with all the others. Usually they have a rack of designer bags, but the Coach is random and can be mixed in with all the others. The only thing I've ever seen in the jewelry case are watches. My store processes new handbags from the dressing room too!

My store goes in spurts - sometimes there is a lot of Coach, sometimes none. Lately, LOTS of Coach.

I really think you just have to stop in regularly.


Apr 23, 2007
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hmm, I live in Canton, Ohio, which isn't exactly the fashion capital lol. I usually find lots of KVZ, Nine West, Older Dooneys, and a lot of no-name stuff. I have only seen a coach item there once, it was swingpack, like 6-8 months ago. I don't go there regularly, as it's kind of out of my way. We only have one mall in that area, and it's just got the normal Dillard's and Macy's, who usually just markdown in the store, and the stuff is gone really quickly. Marshalls, now i've never found anything good there at all!! They have a lot of cute shoes, but the purse dept is usually really picked over.

It does seem to me that if you don't get there as soon as the store opens, you won't get anything. There is also a trend of everyone pushing and shoving their way through the racks, and "hoarding". I am a petite girl, so I will just leave if people start acting that way.


Jul 30, 2006
Bay Area, CA
when i asked the people working there, they always say "we usually get items in on XXXX day, but we are always getting new shipments and we don't always put stuff out right away." the people at my marshall's and TJ's are super vague about it! but i just keep stalking the stores and occassionally i find some good stuff. a lot of the times i have to dig!


Apr 10, 2008
New Orleans, LA
I used to visit my TJ Maxx all of the time and had to stop going so often since I would buy so much.
To get the best stuff you have to be there when it gets put out onto the floor. Sometime it would be Tuesday - another week it would be Thursday. Not really a regular thing since it would depend on when the shipment came in and the employee could put it out. I knew someone who worked there and she told me they try to put it out as soon as it comes in - becuase they don't know when the next shipment will arrive. She also said they do get merchandise that is for these "events" (handbags, childrens clothing, home decor, etc) I usually would luck out in the middle of the week with finding the best selections because it had just been put out on the floor.
The merchandise is totally random I can go one week and see Coach and then not see a single coach item for months.
TJ Maxx sent mailers to customers telling them they were holding a designer bag event all week. You can also check the website since the postcard I got in the mail was also up the on the website and I think they sent me an email. Anyway - hope this helps everyone understand better how it works.


Jan 30, 2008
Brewcity, WI
Mine gets shipments on Mon-Tues and Thurs. Here are a few of MY rules

1. Walk through the handbags slowly. Look behind other bags. Look on the shelves

2. Wallets (for the event) where on a table. Otherwise dig through the regular wallets. Look UNDER everything. This is how I find keyfobs hiding.

3. Take your time. Relook everything. I have passed things by to see them on my second time around.