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  1. I was on the waiting list for the tivioli bag so it's finally here but its made in usa. Something about made in usa i'm not totally comfortable. I think i'm going to wait. All my other pieces are from france and spain what do you guys think? Would you wait?
  2. It's totally up to you! All my bags are from France but I am in Australia... I dont think we are supplied by the US factories...
  3. um, no. They're the same quality no matter where it's made. I don't understand why some people would be so picky on where LV's products are made, they're all the same. Personally I would keep the Tivoli. But that's just me.
  4. I think most people prefer made in france but i think the tivoli gms sold in the US are almost all made in the US. I would check the bag over carefully (just like I would with a LV made in france) and if it's perfect then keep the bag and love it! :smile:
  5. it is people like that make them, not flags, i dont understand why people feel that american hands are somehow less able than french. it is your money and you should do with it what you want, i am just expressing my confusion about the idea of american inferiority.
  6. I don't care where my LV items are made. They are supposed to have the same standards no matter what.
  7. There are differences to the bags if you look carefully.

    made in France - canvas is thicker, more durable and sturdy ... color of background is dark-ish and the LV logos have a green-ish tint to them.. the canvas also is not that supple (because it's not thin), but if you're looking for quality then made in France is the way to go!

    made in Spain - canvas is relatively thinner, more supple, extremely soft (think of the Galliera) ... the background is more chocolate brown (emphasis on brown) and the LV logos are of a rich golden caramel color... very pretty, although the canvas is not thick therefore not as sturdy...

    made in USA are closer to the ones made in Spain.
  8. if it's really going to bother u, then u can wait...but personally, i don't mind where my bags come from. i guess if i had a choice, i might pick france, but have had a few bags made in the US and no probs!
  9. I'm picky just like you, I just simply heard, US is not same quality, prefer France
  10. For me, just as long as it's authentic LV, that's all that matters!
  11. ^ My thoughts exactly ! My bags are like me - international and worldly ! ;)
  12. It's up to you, if you prefer a made in France bag, then wait, but maybe the next one is also made in the USA or maybe you have to wait very long.
    It's a personal choice but if you really want a made in France bag, then I would wait otherwise maybe you're going to regret that you bought a made in USA bag.

    Good luck ;)
  13. Tivoli is quite hard to find..if i were you i will keep the bag..
  14. My wife's tivoli was made in France that i got for her back in August. I'd prefer France vs USA and take Spain over USA.
  15. I personally have bags made in both and see absolutely no difference in the quality. I think it's more hype than anything else but that's my opinion. You could always go to Paris and by it there but it would be cheaper to just keep it and be happy you landed one finally.