1. Well, I understand that some of the LV boutiques have gotten the Tivolis in but do not have them displayed nor are they showing it. I am waitlisted at a LV in Saks which means they usually get the new bags several days after the free-standing stores. I am going to call later today to see if they have one I can go take a peek at (and have my digital with me) . I am so curious about the straps on the bag, it looks like in the photos that the straps are much thinner at the bottom. I wonder if this is going to make the straps droop or look funny after some use. Anyone else out their wondering about the thinner lower straps? I will let you know what I find out as far as an exact release date and if a peek is allowed if indeed they have them hidden for now!
  2. oo:huh:h!!! Good luck and hopefully you can take some spy photos for us !!

    I was told some stores have it to LOOK at, but can't buy until November 23!!
  3. Hope you get a pic... I would love to see it!
  4. Oh yes, please do that ... I am curious about this bag!
  5. Pics, please! I'm curoius too!
  6. I am curious as well. I want to see this one!