Tivoli- trendy or soon to be classic?

  1. I am really enjoying all the pictures of the wondeful Tivoli here, however, as I am looking for the perfect shoulder bag for ages now and as I want to (and have to) probably carry it for a a longer period I wonder- do you consider the Tivoli to be a trendy item or one that will be a classic?
  2. CLASSIC! well.. that's how I wish it to be.. since I owned one.. :p
  3. I absolutely love the bag! I was visiting NYC this past week and was absolutely mesmerized by the bag - I saw a lady carry it on 5th Avenue and she wore it so well (maybe a TPF member?).

    Now I really want one - I love the design!
  4. Classic I believe. When I think trendy I think Mahina.
  5. Classic - absolutely gorgeous bag - I really want one!
  6. i think it's a classic, but regardless, i love mine.
  7. Classic - I got mine as something I can use long term. I think the shape and design is timeless.
  8. I'd definately say it will be a classic. Trendy now cause it's new but it definately has staying power...it's so pretty!!
  9. It'll be a classic for sure..
  10. Am I the only one who considers it trendy? Because of the vacchetta and handles that way... the same reason why I consider also Neverfull trendy...
    I think that more simple is the design, the more classic is the bag.
  11. Hmmm...Alice, I don't see it as trendy. I associate trendy with faddish and when I look at the Tivoli, I could have imagined the Tivoli as being a bag that came out 30 years ago. Whereas the Mahina (my example in my earlier post) I definately couldn't image on the fashion scene 30 years ago.
  12. Absolutely classic. I think the design is actually fairly simple, but with nice details. I don't see how this bag would go out of style. Plus, it's so roomy and functional.
  13. It's a classic in a wider sense no matter what happens because it's a basic monogram toile bag.
  14. I think it is a classic piece. Can you wear this bag on your shoulder?
  15. pardon the pun... lol