Tivoli sold out?????

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  1. I just bought myself a LV Palermo PM, and i was just browsing around for LV's online and found out there was a TIVOLI? It's BEAUTIFUL!!

    I just called my local LV store, and they are sold out.

    Does anyone know how much both sizes are? PM and GM? I'm in CA in the USA.

    Thanks all

    P.S..i meant to say "TIVOLI SOLD OUT" in the title.

  2. I think my Tivoli GM was like 1200 or so
  3. I bought my Tivoli GM for $1250. at an LV Boutique.
  4. PM is $935 and GM is $1250.
  5. i LOVE your palermo..
  6. LMAO. i was going to reply with "someone just outright LIED to you!" lol.
  7. maybe a mod could change it
  8. Changed and moved to the proper forum ! :yes:
  9. I got my Tivoli PM for $935 at the Saks LV. The SA informed me there is about a 2 month waiting list.

  10. on 3/17 I asked the LV department in Saks if they have stock or not. She asked that she would put me on waiting list which may take 2 months of waiting. however, the sales person called me on 3/19 and told me to get Tivoli GM.
  11. Yep, I was on the WL for the Tivoli GM but had given up and took my name of the WL. I think I will have a better chance of getting it in May while in Paris.
  12. Alot of place is out of stock, all in waiting list too.
    Due to this is a new design.
  13. I bought a Tivoli GM last week at the Saks LV in Boston.
  14. I ordered my Tivoli pm from Macys in NYC last week.
  15. I really don't think it takes very long for a store to get them in. My local store got 4 PM's in a couple of weeks ago. They were not on the floor but in the back and when I asked about it no one was on the wait list for any of them.