Tivoli rocks!

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  1. Hey all, I haven't visited this forum in awhile, but I was itching to get a new LV to throw around with the kids... So after researching through, of course, this forum, I had my choices narrowed down to the Palermo Pm and the Tivoli Pm. I had the palermo waiting for me at my boutique but there wasn't a tivoli available. I tried another boutique that's also close to me, and they had one piece only. I ran literally an hour after I called, and I tried it on, and FELL IN LOVE. I haven't been excited about an LV in soooo long. i passed on the Palermo b/c i have a cabas piano and it felt a bit redundant, while the Tivoli has a distinct look.

    and don't throw anything at me, I love the tivoli MORE than my speedys. here's why: 1) it's a little more structured/flatter at the bottom so my stuff doesn't sink into a vacuum, 2) i liked the wide-ness, 3) the opening is fantastic... i'm not scuffing my hand on the zipper as i reach in. the tivoli has a more clam-like opening and it's much easier to see my stuff, 4) it's lightweight, 5) i can wear it on my shoulder in the warm months (yes, i have skinny arms; i just wish my behind would be so) and 6) i love the little gold LV medallion, so cute.

    i took it for a test run to of all places Burger King (i don't eat this stuff, but my 3 year old daughter had been asking for her happy meal all week), and it passed. meaning my biggest issue with bags is easy access when i'm toting my three kids, and it passed with flying colors.

    in terms of fit, i had my phone, magellan wallet, mini pouchette, and sunglasses. it would have fit more. i actually put my daughter's hat & gloves, and it fit fine, nothing overflowing.

    highly recommend this style. :tup:
  2. Congrats! Nice to see you loving it!
  3. I think this bag is so pretty. I'm excited for you! It sounds like it works great for you and it's a great match. :smile:
  4. congrats!
  5. I love the Tivoli too, but a bit too small for my daily use. I'm glad you're with with it!!
  6. Babyhart--First...Welcome Back to tPF!

    Second, I could not agree with you more on your reasoning for lovin' this bag! Although I don't have kids (well my 7 pets are my kids), it is the most "user friendly" bag (of any brand) I have ever owned! IMHO, it's the cutest mono bag produced.

    Glad you love it and enjoy many good years with her!
    Congrats and again welcome back! :smile:
  7. cheweyvy, the Tivoli GM was too small for you? I can't imagine what you must have to carry! I've been loving mine for several weeks now. It comfortably holds my big zippy organizer wallet, my key cles, my pochette cosmetique, my T&B pochette, my iphone, my glasses case, and my sunglasses case --- which is big and fat and hot pink patent! Everything LV in there is mono.

    babyhart, I am so happy to have another delighted tpf-er in the Tivoli GM Club! Everything you said about it is totally true, and I love that your maiden voyage with it was to BK. Not that I'm all for BK or anything (far from it) but because of your attitude. You have a life to live and your LV is going with you! I think maybe I'll make that my new signature line...

    Oops... I just re-read the original post and the one you got, babyhart, was PM? I can't believe you did fit all your stuff inside. Good for you! Do I have to take back everything I already said? Maybe cheweyvy you should try the GM...?
  8. congrats! that's a beautiful bag!
  9. Congrats! Glad you love it! We need modeling pictures!
  10. Yay for you! I just got mine and have yet to use it regularly, but I love it just the same! Such a beautiful bag!
  11. oo pictures pictures (:
  12. yay for tivoli! i'm so glad that you purchased one - it's the perfect mommy bag. happy valentine's day to you and your family!
  13. uh............[​IMG]

    hehe, so post some pics girlie!!
  14. Congratulations on your new bag! I love the Tivoli too, can't to get one later this year!!
  15. Congrats to you and your Tivoli !! glad it passed the mommy test for you, I know how that goes even though I only have 1 kid well 2 counting my husband since I end up carrying his stuff also. I am sure it will bring you lots of joy because I know I love mine and don't you just love the pleats.. adorable!!