Tivoli PM

  1. Does anyone have this bag? I am seriously considering this bag, but I wish they made it in the Damier. Do you think they might come out with it in the Damier? I would hate to buy it and then have it appear. Also, does this Tivoli compare size wise to the Speedy 30? which is bigger?
  2. Here is a pic of my Tivoli PM and her contents.

    I've owned a speedy 25 before and like the tivoli so much better because of the ease of getting in and out of with the wide opening! Plus I love the little zipper chain pull!
    Hope this helps!;)
    MVC-012X.JPG MVC-016X.JPG MVC-013X.JPG
  3. thank you. I love the look of the Tivoli.. i wish it came in Damier!
  4. I think the Tivoli PM is more comparable with the Speedy 25 in terms of what you can fit inside.
  5. Someone posted a pic comparing the Tivoli to the Speedy 30 in the Club section. Tivoli is slightly smaller than the 30 but larger than the 25. The opening of Tivoli is much easier to get in and out of than the 25. I have the PM and just love it! It is perfect.
  6. I think the Tivoli is adorable!!! I'd go for it! Even if it comes out in damier, it's a different look. I'm a speedy freak....I have 5 and they're all so different!
  7. I would go for it too. I think it will be a long time before it comes out in Damier, especially because they already came out with a pleated bag in Damier (the Trevi).
  8. Go for it ---It is such a great bag!!
  9. oh man, it would seriously ROCK in Damier! But I still love it in MOno!
  10. I definitely recommend the Tivoli PM! Here are comparison pics...
    DSCN0792.JPG DSCN0793.JPG
  11. adore mine, comps to a 25
  12. I think the Tivoli is such a pretty, feminine bag. I would definitely go for it!
  13. Tivoli PM looks nice. Looking at the pics posted by rhudytootie makes me changed my mind about it.
  14. anyone with Tivoli PM, if possible please post with action....
  15. Beautiful bag...congratulations!! I cant wait to get one!