Tivoli PM

  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering wheather anyone has taken a photo of Tivoli PM with you holding her please? I was planing to buy this lovely bag, but not sure about the size. I'm a bit scared after reading about people have so many problem on Tivoli PM. I'm quite small and just think that tivoli Gm will be a little too big for me.

    thanks a lot you guys...... you guys are the bestttttttttttttttttttt.
  2. Thanks a lot Kareberry. That helps a lot.
  3. she is just so beautiful. i love her to death. i hate it when i don't carry her!
  4. I know what you mean!
  5. I went to buy Tivoli today but they were all out of stock and the staff said that it's like that around Europe. She doesn't know when it is coming back in stock again.....so sad... does anyone know normally what sort of time we wait for waiting list???
  6. You could go on a wait list for the tivoli but I would suggest you pick 2 or 3 stores and call everyday. Sometime they bypass the waitlist if you make a phone call everyday. I'm just telling you from experience I called in the afternoon my LV store and 3 hours later I got a phone call from the same SA letting me know that she was bypassing the list to offer me the bag. The SA told me that they don't like to call off the list because people don't respond as quick as possiable.
  7. Thanks Jennifer, that's very useful info. i will try that.
  8. Just Got mine today!!! I'll have picture up shortly :smile:
  9. wow, congrats Madamelizaking. pls put pics
  10. Here you go :smile:
  11. And another shot [​IMG]