Tivoli PM vs Tivoli GM - which to get?


Should I get the Tivoli GM or Tivoli PM?

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    Keep the GM!

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  2. Get the PM!

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  3. Don't bother. Get something else!

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  1. Ok gals:

    I have a huge debate going on in my head as to whether I should keep the Tivoli GM (brand new, just purchased), or if I should return and get the Tivoli PM (just arrived into the store, on charge-hold).

    Part of the debate in my head is whether the GM is too big/PM is too small. I am 5'5" w/o heels, 5'8" on a given day w/heels, 130 lbs.

    Another part is if/when I am tired of this bag, which one has better re-saleability on eBay?

    Last but not least - at times I love bags that can be worn on the shoulders if I am running lots of errands. But I wonder if the GM is too bulky/big to be worn on the shoulders (like the Damier Berkeley bag)? And whether the shoulder straps will easily slip off the shoulders. The PM can not be worn on shoulders though wearing on crook of arm/handheld is fine for the most part.

    ADDENDUM: Another factor to include, that is making my decision tough is that the Tivoli GM was purchased pre-price increase, tax-free. The Tivoli PM will be post-price increase, taxed. So the price difference between the 2 is about $200.
  2. I am biased because I own the Tivoli GM, it is a great bag! I love that it can be worn on the shoulder or hand held.
  3. I don't know how to help; I love them both! They're pretty different. I was just looking at the PM, but was worried it would be too small. I wish, too, that they had a size right in the middle. If I had to choose between the two, - ah - I don't know. Probably the GM - it's such a pretty bag!
  4. I love both sizes! I think the GM is more practical though, and I like the look just a little better. Such a tough decision, but I think the GM overall is a better size.
  5. I too, own a Gm and lvoe it. It's not too bulky to wear on the shoulder; about the straps sliding off the shoulder, another tpfer said she lengthened the straps by one notch-I tried that and it helps. BTW-I'm 5'5", 124lbs, I love big bags and I think it looks awesome on me.
  6. thanks for your input ladies! :flowers:

    i know - i wish there was an in-between size!
  7. I am about 5'2" and I have the GM. I do like it because it can be put over the shoulders and I like the fact that I can adjust the handles unlike the PM.
  8. I love my GM. I wear it on my shoulder all the time. You can always shorten it too if you want. The PM is cute, but too small for me IMO (even though I'm 5'3"). In terms of re-saleability, both are permanent, so I guess it'll be the same as selling any other non LE LV items.
  9. I always carry so much stuff so I always prefer larger bags.
  10. thanks so much for your input ladies!

    i wonder where all the PM lovers went? i want to hear what they have to say too! :p
  11. The GM because you have the option of either shoulder or handheld. Just think it is a softer look.
  12. I have the GM and I love it. Normally I prefer PM sizes but the Tivoli pm was a bit small for me. It's a great bag, comfy to wear and I think it looks fine on the shoulder, so long as you don''t have it jammed to overflowing.:yes:
  13. I LVOE my Tivoli GM!! I am a larger bag type of gal, and this one holds my agenda, makeup case, pochette for credit cards, big zippy organizer, and key cles (all MONO!) PLUS eyeglasses case, sunglasses case, cellphone, pen, and the occasional pack of gum! I love that it goes over the shoulder and in the crook of the elbow, as needed. When it feels, at times, like its sliding off my shoulder? I just take the outer strap and roll it over the one closer to my body. That helps to hold it "on." I love the shape. I love the pleats! I think the look is classy and ladylike, but suitable for everyday.
  14. alright.. I am here to support the PM ;). I have the PM and LOVE it!! well I have a petite frame (5'0) so I can wear it over the shoulder if I need to (although not very comfy). What I love bout the PM is the fact that it can be dressed up or down. It looks great with casual jeans n shirt, it also looks fab with more formal wear or to go to nice dinner and such. Good luck w/ your decisioN! it really depends on what you carry though. I don't carry lot of things.. so the PM suits me well:wlae:
  15. Bigger is always better eh:graucho:

    Seriously, the GM looks nicer and classier imo! Hang on to it!