Tivoli PM vs Speedy 25 !Comparison

  1. Hi!
    If you have to decide between Tivoli pm and speedy 25..what would you buy?
    and why?
    Is there anyone here who have both the bags ?
    could you make a comparison(pics are much appreciated!!!)?TIA

    if you are falling in love with Tivoli pm,and now you have a speedy25....do you think selling the speedy for buying tivoli is a good idea??

  2. I would buy the speedy personally just bc i like that style much more. just classic.
  3. Tivoli PM,
    but its more the size of a speedy 30 :smile:
    I like the shape much better then the mono speedy :smile:
  4. hope this helps.

  5. speedy!
  6. You totally read my mind...I've been agonizing over the same question!

    Right now I'm leaning towards the Tivoli pm because I see too many people with the Speedy and it's different!
  7. Tivoli! for its shape and even though it is hot now, not everyone has it and I dont think you will see as many fake ones as the speedy. Its just cute!
  8. How weird - that picture shows it with flat straps - it has rolled handles. They must be throwing off the counterfeitors.
  9. ^^ stock photos arent alway the way the bag looks. Elux has a MC speedy with red lv's on it :smile:
  10. That's what I thought too - I think they do it on purpose to confound those darn counterfeitors!
  11. tivoli~!!!
  12. Tivoli!!!!!
  13. SPEEDY... the best from the best
  14. I saw the Tivoli PM when I was at the store last week. It's so cute! I wanted to buy it but I am holding back because my BF is going to France next month.

    It's a bag you can consider to buy. I like the shape and it's spacious too.
  15. ~If I have a choice, I'd love to have the Tivoli:yes:~