Tivoli PM vs GM

  1. Sorry for the long post:

    I just bought a tivoli PM last night after spending a good 45 mins in the store debating between the two. I think what really pushed me to buy the PM was that it was the last one in the store and there were 4 girls waiting to see if i was going to buy it so they could. I thought I had made the perfect choice, but now after seeing everyone's pics of the GM, I now love the way it looks...

    Should I return the PM and get the GM?!

    Here are my pros/cons:
    pros - small enough for everyday, i can use it with dresses - like to weddings, etc...
    cons- not a shoulder bag (which is why i didn't want the speedy) - but i can squeeze it on my shoulder when i need to, too small for day trips

    pros - shoulder bag, fit a ton of stuff in it
    cons - looks too big and dressy to be an everyday bag, but not dressy enough for dressier nights.

    I'm thinking maybe I should just keep the PM and buy a neverfull later on for casual days when i need a bigger bag? I'm just thinking... i have a big coach tote that i use all the time when i need to carry my laptop/books around... but the tivoli seems to dressy for an everyday school/work kind of bag... but it's gorgeous! I figure if i'm gonna spend so much money, i should be able to use it 5 out of the 7days of the week.

    Unless I am going to school or sometimes work, I usually only carry: wallet, cell phone, keys, chapstick... but i do love carrying my big coach tote to the mall because i can throw my purchases in it and sneak them in the house! haha :graucho:
  2. i've tried on both a few times and I like the smaller PM better - PM looks better as hand/crook carry! The GM looks great as a shoulder bag, but too big as a hand/crook.
  3. yeah! I like that the GM is big, but I was afraid it might be overwhelming on me. I'm only 5'3'' - i'm short, but i'm not quite "petite" at 135lbs, with an athletic build. So far the pics that made me fall for the GM are the ones that tfp members have posted and most of them seem tall and slim!
  4. me too, the GM is too big on me when you carry on hands, but if carry on shoulder its fine...I guess the GM i'ts perfect for taller person.
  5. I just got the GM from Fedex, like 20min ago and I lvoe it! I had only seen the PM in the store and they had "just gotten it that day", "its the only one in the store" etcetc. I was tempted but the straps were too small-I like shoulder bags. Its big enough for everyday, not too big. I'm 5'5" and it looks fine. I really think either are beautiful, but if you didn't the Speedy cause of the strap issue, then why get the PM which is really hard to get on your shoulder?
  6. well, i just don't like the idea of carrying such a big bag everywhere i go. The PM will fit on my shoulder, just not as comfortably/easy as the GM.

    :sad: I guess i'll have to go exchange it for the GM... or i could just buy the neverfull mm a little later on and have two bags! :graucho: I went into the store planning on buying the neverfull, but it just seemed so flimsy so i didn't get it. I saw the tivoli and fell in loveee... I didn't feel like that w/ all the other bags. I actually had to convince myself to get the speedy.
  7. Well, that is also my dilemma.Tivoli PM Vs GM. I love PM cos it looks really cute, and for a petit girl like me, prob it will looks fine. GM looks more practical with the shoulder strap and bigger size, but I dont want to look that I carry a luggage everywhere I go. IMO it looks nice on the shoulder but looks a little big if hand/crook carried. I agree that some TPFErs who are tall and slim looked awesome carrying GM. Can you post modelling pics as we can give more opinion how it looks on you...??
  8. I actually just decided that i'm keeping my pm. I LOVE IT! I think it's when i'm away from it (at work, school, etc...) that's when i start doubting it, but when i come home and look at it, I fall in love all over again. :smile: I guess i should just start using it!

    I will post pics tomorrow of me holding at the nook of my arm and on the shoulder.
  9. I'm glad you were able to solve your dilemma! I'm a shortie, too, but I love big bags & carry lots of stuff so I got the GM. The straps are adjustable so I'm able to carry it as a shoulder bag or hand held and I love how it looks either way. Anyway, enjoy your pm, it really is lovely...and if you're still in LVoe with the GM after a while, you can purchase that one, too!;)
  10. Excellent choice, this is such a hot bag! Congrats!