Tivoli PM straps: changed from rolled to flat?

  1. Today I received an email from LV that provides a link to their holiday catalog, and Tivoli PM is in there... and it has flat straps on her!!!

    Some of you gals provided some modeling pics of Tivoli PM and it did have rolled straps! Has anyone seen it in person?

    I think I might pass if it comes with flat straps.... Oooooooops, I'm so disappointed.
  2. I'm not too sure, but I'd be keen to find out! I know some of the girls will be pleased to know there's a flat strap version as they weren't too fond of the rolled straps (falls off the shoulder more easily?)
  3. Really??? I'm so upset hearing this. I want the rolled straps!!
  4. Say it ain't so!!!!! I'm hoping it's only to throw off replica producers:confused1:
  5. Just wrong picture! It's so funny! They do this kind of big mistake!!!!! LOL
    The second picture is right!

    or is this US version???


  6. WOW I didn't notice that the 2nd pic is with rolled straps - I gain some hope now!!

    lol this can't be more ridiculous...!! I can't believe LV would make such a big mistake!?!?
  7. I am really curious to see this one irl... I think it looks better with the rolled straps!
  8. Is it true the dimension is 14x8.3( from what I saw in the catalog), Is this another mistake????
    I've read in the forum that PM is about 11x8 and GM is 13x10. I'm getting confused now...
    can somebody clarify the dimension, pls????
  9. It is a Lovely bag.
  10. i talked to an sa on the phone and she told me the tivoli has rolled straps.
  11. I saw it in person..it's still rolled.. in USA but made in France
  12. I don't like it so much with the flat straps, I like the rolled straps better... is that price the US price, $895?
  13. I like the flat straps better.
  14. a friend of mine went yesterday to specifically look at the tivoli pm and she said they were rolled!! they wouldn't sell it to her until friday.
  15. maybe its to confuse counterfeiters? not that anything ever stops them anyway lol.