Tivoli PM or Verona PM or Trevi PM

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  1. Which bag do you prefer and why?

    I actually have the tivoli PM. I recently stumbled across the Verona PM in the store and it reminded me of the curves of the tivoli and the looks of the trevi pm.

    Apparently it was inspired by both bags.

    I want to buy the Verona PM. The trevi PM is a popular book and looks stylish too!

    Does anyone own any of the bags? Tell me your stories of how you bought your bag and what you love about it!
  2. I have the Trevi and I love it because 1. I love Damier Ebene 2. I love that you can carry it a number of ways with the optional shoulder strap 3. it has microfibre lining :love: 4. can be dressy or casual depending on your outfit.

    I also love the Verona PM but I wonder how comfortable it would be to carry given the wide, structured bottom.
  3. I personally like the Trevi exactly because everything DisCo just pointed out. :smile:
  4. Since you already have the Tivoli, Trevi will make a better choice since it's a relatively different style.
  5. I am not a huge fan of the Trevi, but I think the Verona PM is amaaazingg.
  6. I prefer the Verona PM (shhhh!)
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    Trevi PM. I don't have one, I'm saving $ to get it next year, if LV is not planning to increase the price.

    Tivoli PM is too tiny for me.
    Verona PM, Not liking the shape and the squared-shape leather thingy by the zipper, and the wide bottom too.
  8. Trevi PM
  9. What is a microfibre lining? I noticed that damier ebene bags have a beautiful red inner lining, its soo attractive.

    I am looking for a damier ebene piece as I have an azur and monogram already. Looking for a perfect damier ebene bag!

    By the way the Verona PM didn't come across as an uncomfortable bag, it's straps were flat and long enough to accomodate your shoulder and arm. I do understand what you mean about the verona being wide based. I find that the tivoli is also wide.

    I guess I find bags with curves attractive.

  10. The microfibre lining is the soft suede like lining that is found in the more expensive bags. The other lining is called the textile lining found in bags like the damier speedy, alma and neverfulls.

    I was also intrigued with Verona styles before settling on the Thames GM (which I haven't bought yet). I really like the Verona but I found that the straps were so uncomfortable and kept falling off my shoulder - at least one of them. It was too much of an annoyance to buy if I had to keep adjusting one of the shoulder straps just so it would stay on me. I'm not sure if the strap kept falling off due to the Verona's wide base. I know it happened when I tried all 3 sizes though.

    I love the Trevi and the shoulder strap is super comfortable IMO. I'm not sure how heavy it can get when it's stuffed but modeling it around the boutique was a wonderful experience.
  11. I have Trevi pm and I adore her. I bought my first Trevi pm last year and then when I fall in love for Chanel, I think I don't love Trevi much anymore, so I decided to sell her and got the Chanel instead. I was very happy in that time to get Chanel Jumbo, but the thing is I still miss my Trevi. I miss the feeling of her best design and versatile shoulder strap. Chanel is great, but sometime I cannot put all items I need in there coz the limit roomy of the bag. At last I bought Trevi pm AGAIN on last 3 months!! She's my second Trevi and I promise she'll be the last. I'll never decided to sell her again. When I got her back, I was very very happy. I can switch between LVs and Chanels and that's make me really happy. Sorry this may too long story, but I just wanna share my Trevi story to you. Good luck and good decision!!
  12. Verona can be used as everyday bag???Wht abt shoulder strap?
  13. Verona!
  14. Verona! I have one (MM) and it is not uncomfortable. The PM is lovely. The base is no wider than a lot of LV bags. The clochette holds the keys.
  15. It took me over a week to decide to keep the Verona I bought. With so many styles in the line I questioned my initial buy for days. One day I was going to return it, the next day I wasn't and that's how it went for a while. Yesterday I made my decision. I took my Verona out of its protective bag and gave it a day at work. I was sorry I doubted it for so long because I really do love it. The strap (s) stayed nicely on my shoulder and it's also comfy carrying it as a top handle bag. All in all, it's a great bag. Good luck with your decision. It is def. a hard choice.