Tivoli pm or Trouville

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  1. Hi guys. I dont know which one to get between Tivoli pm and Trouville monogram canvas? (considering that im going to get Alma MC in black and Trevi pm as well.) Do you think Trouville is too similar to Alma and Trevi is too similar to Tivoli?
  2. Depends on your style. I think the Tivoli is more feminine.
  3. Between the two, Tivoli gets my vote. I love mine!! It's just so classy IMO.
  4. I would go for the Tivoli PM. I saw a lady examining both bags before and while they're both cute, I would choose the Tivoli. Honestly, I prefer the Trouville in Multicolor since it doesnt look so "luggage" to me (more like a purse). But that's just my opinion.

    Stick with the Trevi and Alma, but get the Tivoli too! I think they're all fun and unique, and different bags. Good luck.
  5. To me, Tivoli and Trevi are almost identical in shape. I voted for the Trouville for variety in your collection. Good luck w/ your decision.
  6. I vote for Tivoli!;):heart:
  7. i think im gonna be weird and say the trouville. only because i think you can fit alot more in it than the tivoli.
  8. tivoli
  9. I voted for Tivoli
  10. I have a trouville I love it its very structured and holds ALOT but at the same time when it is filled up it gets quite heavy and is truely a handheld purse. Very hard to wear at the elbow unless its empty. As edanna mentioned it's luggage look that is quite true! and yesterday I went and bought a the brown denim bandeau and that has really softened up the look! Im not voting but trying to give you input on the trouville to hopefully help you make the right decision.....
  11. I prefer the Tivoli!

    Goo Luck deciding!
  12. Tivoli pm!! I just received mine and I was torn between her and the palermo pm. I'm soo happy I chosed the Tivoli! It's such a cute feminine bag!!!
  13. tivoli pm!!!!
  14. Oh most people like tivoli, im not surprise...i like it too and it should fit my style more than trouville as well. But every time, i see trouville, i cant stop looking at it too. Like Edanna and deem0nessa said that trouville looks a bit like luggage, but that why i like about trouville...like a mini luggage, so cute.

    Have you guys have any pictures of models carry tivoli pm and trouville (mono) at all?
    It might help me to dicide.

  15. tivoli, only because the handles on the trouville are short then on a speedy.. I think the tivoli will be easier to carry on your arm. Plus the new trouville no longer has the inside pockets like it used too.