Tivoli pm or Tivoli gm Pros and Cons

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  1. Hi there,
    I'm in love with Tivoli and just want to see if I should get the pm or gm? I'm 5'4'' around 112 lbs. What's the pro and cons? I like to carry both on my arms and shoulders.
    thanks so much for your help.
  2. tivoli pm - con: can't carry on your shoulder comfortably. pros: small enough to be used as evening bag for dinners out etc; holds a ton of stuff w/o being too big; easy to access everything.

    some people can carry tivoli pm on their shoulder very well, but it is a bit hard for me (i'm 5'6", 128 lb)...though since you are smaller it may be ok for you

    i don't have the tivoli gm so i can't really give a good review on that one
  3. the GM looks a lot better :P It's on my wishlist while I wouldn't get the PM
  4. I think the PM looks cuter but I don't think it fits on the shoulder. It's considered a hand held bag. I haven't seen the GM IRL but it looks like a big bag which I love. With your frame, I think you can pull off either. Let us know what you decide!
  5. i have the pm and i love her very much.. the only con i can think of is that it has vachetta which i dont like on any bags at all!! but the gm has some too... what i dont like about the gm is that since you carry it on the shoulder it gets squished under your arm which makes it look not that nice.. whereas pm is handheld so it doesnt lose its shape.. i think pm is much cuter..
  6. I have the GM and its just wonderful!! It holds everything you can imagine without being bent out of shape....I think the practicality matters. I vote for GM....!
  7. PM is definitely way wayy cuter, depends on what you want, shoulder bag or handheld...
  8. i like the GM way better! i love that you can carry it on your shoulder.
  9. i love the gm.. 5'3"....
    it fits a lot of stuff and I did not have any zipper problem as well.
    Shoulder bag is so much easier to carry
  10. i have the gm and love it. i like to be able to fit a lot in my bags because i hate holding stuff in my hand.

    for handhelds, i prefer the look of the speedy. however, the design of the tivoli pm makes it easier to access your things.
  11. I'm 5'2" and I usually cannot pull of any of the bigger bags but I bought the GM in the Tivoli. It is really perfect. I agree about it getting squished under your arm but I never wear it that way anyway, I wear it on my wrist or hold it in my hand, but I like the option of putting it on my shoulder if I want, like at the airport or when I have done too much shopping, lol. It is really pretty and classy.
  12. I am going to purchase Tivoli GM:smile:
  13. I like the PM better
  14. I LOVE the pm... very pretty. I don't mind handheld bags so the fact that it can't be worn on the shoulders don't bother me, as long as I can carry the bag comfortably on the crook of my arm.
  15. Tivoli GM!!!

    It's stunning and it has more style because of the extra details (example: the straps).

    It's comfortable to carry on the shoulder, it fits tons of stuff, it looks absolutely breathtaking when the bottom sags a bit!!! It looks nice with patina.

    The PM IMO looks like a toy 'cos its soo small, its almost a joke. My mom has one and it just looks too evening bag-y for me.