tivoli pm or speedy croisette in hongkong LV

  1. Hello ladies! I will be going to HK in 2 weeks and am looking forward to purchasing either a tivoli pm or speedy croisette. Would these be readily available at the LV store or would they be waitlisted? I will be staying only a week so any help would be greatly appreciated :yes: also pls help me choose - tivoli or speedy croisette? I already have a mono speedy 25 and mono petit bucket :smile:
  2. Go with the Tivoli. I dont have a clue about availability though.
  3. tivoli looks so yummy - hope it's not waitlisted in hongkong :sweatdrop:
  4. get the speedy croisette since you already have mono stuff and the croisette is LE right? Its gorgeous IMO
  5. Go for the Tivoli, I just ordered mine today.