Tivoli PM or GM

  1. I am in the mood to buy something new but can't make my mind up between the two.

    Which would you suggest and why?
  2. I'd personally get the GM because you could wear it on the shoulder as well, but if you don't mind just handheld, then the PM is cute!
  3. GM I tried it today and am thinking of making it my 1st! Its soo cute and yeah with the adjustable straps it totally works as a shoulder bag! And its soooo roomy and just yummy.
  4. I got the PM since I am small (5 foot 2) and want a more everyday little bag. But the Gm is nice if u like to carry it on your shoulder!
  5. I prefer the GM because it has adjustable straps & can be worn over the shoulder.
  6. GM! More versatile!:tup:
  7. I prefer it in the GM
  8. PM because it it cute and I like smaller bags :idea:
  9. GM could be on the bigger end when it is full with items. That is just my opinion. PM is just handheld, though. Besides, they are sold out but you can place your name on a waitlist because it will eventually turn into an essential. Have you considered a marina?
  10. I got the PM because I like smaller bags... and GM is a little bit saggy.
  11. GM is too big! Go for the PM!
  12. Ditto - I'm not a big-bag-toting kind of gal.
  13. GM for sure! It's a great size, super comfy, and super practical! I'm 5'2" and it's perfect for me!
  14. It might be sold out for you, but I can get either one. I just have to decide which one.
  15. I got the GM, very huge but love it ... you can put tons of stuff in it.
    3 pockets inside - can be very heavy if you put many things.

    but I love the idea of adjustable straps..look very classy with all the hardware on the straps...