tivoli pm or gm....

  1. Which do you think will do better and why? Cannot wait to see modelling pics of tpf posters....
  2. I prefer the GM, it's just I don't like the PM...
  3. I think I will like the GM better because of teh adjustable straps and someone said the PM doesn't sit on the shoulders well.

    I am dying for pictures. I can't wait.
  4. GM gets my vote.
  5. I just love the pm cos I think it looks cute with the pleats etc... I'm just not favor of the GM cos it looks bulky and I'm not a big bag person....
  6. GM is too big IMO... go for the PM! :biggrin:
  7. The PM looks cute ... would love to see both irl!
  8. I'm not a huge fan of the GM, but bigger bags don't look good on me, so PM!
  9. Gm!
  10. Pm!!
  11. GM...the PM looks a little off to me.
  12. my sa told me that the tivoli gm is much smaller than the daimer griet....she said the gm is not that big irl
  13. i want the GM. the PM is around the size of a speedy 25 and I want a bag that can be put over my shoulders as well as handheld
  14. PM is so cute..i want the GM!!
  15. I want the GM size, tried yesterday @ S'pore LV and the PM size TOOOO small for me.
    (I'm 168cm height and medium size)

    Tivoli GM size looks just nice n not a HUGE bag like neverfull GM, the adjustable straps that can put over my shoulders as well as handheldand. :tup:

    Arr, I can't wait for official launch on 23 Nov !! :yahoo: