Tivoli PM or Galliera PM? Vote please...

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  1. Which one should I get ? Tivoli PM or Galliera PM? :confused1:

    I prefer shoulder-bag with zip top... Can I wear both the bags on the shoulder ? I am 5' 7" and 120lb.. I know for sure Tivoli GM can be a shoulder-bag but I dont fancy big bags..

    Which is bigger? Tivoli PM or Galliera PM?

  2. Tivoli PM:heart:
  3. I'd go for the Tivoli.
  4. Galliera, hard choice though!
  5. Only because I have not seen the Galliera IRL I will vote for the Tivoli PM
  6. tivoli
  7. They are both classy bags! But I have to say I like the style of the Galliera more!
  8. i go for Tivoli, Only because I'm a Tivoli lover~
  9. I have the exact same dilemma! :confused1:

    I love Tivoli design but always preferred single shoulder strap, plus Tivoli PM won't go over the shoulder at all...
    As for Galliera, the moment I saw the ad in April Vogue, I was so excited to finally find the perfect new everyday LV... that is until I found out that Galliera closes with a single magnetic snap, no zipper...

    Will keep an eye on this thread, always good to hear what others' experiences are! Sorry I wasn't more help myself but as soon as I decide I'll let you know too. Should be soon, my hubby gets inpatient that I still haven't gotten a new bag (aren't I lucky lol) instead of the one he got me for Xmas (Palermo GM - didn't like it b/c of too thin straps).
  10. If you prefer bags with zip top ... then go for the Tivoli PM!

    I prefer it in the GM, but I like big bags!
  11. Galliera PM!!!

    i just got it.....and i am in LOVE!

    i almost bought Tivoli GM though....because of the zipper. but Galliera PM will make Tivoli PM look tiny!
  12. I have the Tivoli PM and it's such a cute bag! It could fit as a shoulder bag if you have skinny arms. I'm rooting for the Tivoli simply because it's cuter and the zip closure adds to security. Love the pleats too!
  13. Hmmmm....hard to say because I think the Tivoli PM/Galliera PM are such different sizes. From the dimensions given, I think the Galliera PM is closer to the Tivoli GM rather than PM. I guess it just depends on whether or not you want a shoulder or hand held. If you want hand held, get the Tivoli...if you want a shoulder bag, get the Galliera. You can't go wrong with either choice. I have the Tivoli GM and love it and am hoping to get my Galliera (don't know what size yet) today.
  14. Tivoli PM gets my vote. :yes:
  15. Hmmm...this is a tough one...I would have to say the Galliera PM.
    I have the Galliera PM and the Tivoli GM and I have to say that I like the Tivoli GM much more than the Tivoli PM which is why I picked the Galliera PM!