Tivoli PM or Epi Speedy 30?

  1. I have one LV, a MC Batignolles Horizontal, and am about to add another for Christmas. Can't decide if I want a Tivoli that looks so fresh, or Epi that is so different than MC BH.
    What would you want if you were me?
  2. Tough choice.....but right now I vote for Tivoli.
  3. I second the Tivoli...that bag is seriously growing on me!
  4. Yep, Tivoli = :heart:!
  5. I will vote for Tivoli too.
  6. tivoli :heart:
  7. I love anything from epi.. but tivoli is so "it" right now. Epi if you would want some change, tivoli if you love to follow the trend kind of gal.
  8. I'm a Speedy girl...SO Epi it would be.
  9. I vote for Epi!
  10. Tivoli Tivoli Tivoli!!!
  11. Thank you so much for your opinions. Tomorrow I am going to the store that is holding a Tivoli PM for me. They said that they have no wait on Epi. I will let you know which one I am coming home with!
  12. Tivoli!!!!!!
  13. Both great bags, I think all LV lovers have to have at least one speedy ... so speedy it is!
  14. You can get a speedy anytime... for now, Tivoli!!!
  15. I'd choose the epi!
    Tivoli is permanent, right?