1. I'm a new member to the purse forum. I'd like to buy a TIVOLI PM but they're sold out everywhere. This will be my first LV. I found a TIVOLI PM on eBay that I'm sure is authentic. The price plus shipping is no more than if I bought it at an LV store plus tax. The seller is selling it because she ordered it by calling the LV number and they located her one at a store in Vegas but after receiving it she realized it wasn't a true shoulder bag which is what she wanted. What customer service benefits will I be losing if I buy it on eBay vs. from the store. Since it's sold out everywhere with waitlists I'm afraid it will be forever before I can purchase one from the store. Should I buy the TIVOLI PM on eBay? I've already won the bid.
  2. I guess you've already answered your question, since it would be terribly rude (and against ebay's rules) to back out of an auction you've won. The most you can "lose" by buying an LV item on ebay, assuming it's authentic, is the pretty box and brown paper bag. LV will service any bag regardless of where you bought it as long as it's authentic. I bought a 10 year old petite bucket bag from an online consignment shop located in Hong Kong (it had gorgeous patina) and I got nothing but compliments when I took it in to have the lining replaced. Hope this info helps. :flowers:
  3. NOOOOOO, IMO I hate buying on ebay because I'v bought 2 FENDI spy bags and they were both fake . Thankfully she refunded all my money. Just order it at the LV botique and wait about a week, (like I did), you will feel MUCH more at ease knowing that it is with out a doubt 100% Authentic.:tup:
  4. Yep. If you've won the auction, you've entered into a binding contract. That could still be invalidated if the seller claimed the bag was authentic and you found out it wasn't though. So, just go to the "Authenticate this LV" thread and post the details, and then you'll know whether it's authentic or not. If it is genuine, as seaofyears said, you'll have nothing to worry about.

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  5. Oh gosh....make sure you find out if it's authentic or not before you pay.
  6. Any updates on what you decided to do?