Tivoli pm: Holds like a speedy 30 or 25

  1. Thanks for your help, ladies! I guess the only reason I was leaning toward the PM rather than the GM is that I don't know that I like the adjustable straps. For those of you who have the GM, how are the straps holding up? I'm just worried about the holes ripping...
  2. Have u decided? Coz im also confused between tivoli pm and speedy30..
  3. I have both Tivoli PM and Speedy 30
    Tivoli's inner capacity is half of Speedy 30!
    Besides what i put inside Tivoli, i can also put ipad, water bottle
    But Tivoli looks so cute :smile:
    my advise is buy both :smile:
  4. you can fit an ipad in a tivoli pm????
  5. Tivoli PM full with my stuff

    Tivoli and iPad

    Tivoli and iPad inside

    Inside my Tivoli

    Tivoli and Speedy 30

    Side view. Tivoli is narrow near the zipper, so i can't fit anything else

    My stuff inside Speedy 30

    Still more space in Speedy

    You can put extra water bottle, umbrella, and huge sunglasses case to that space
  6. tivoli pm zip is annoying
  7. :coolpics: Will be my next bag!! it's cuter than the gm, i dont like how the handles on the gm "bents" after a while it sticks out and all.

    i hope the quality control of LV gets better and not worse.. read so much bout it from fellow tpfers..
  8. I have the GM. I think because I am taller, when I held up the PM, it just looked too small on me. The GM was just right. Look at your body size and shape. If you are petite or super skinny, I think the GM is too much bag. But if you are average weight/height or more than average, like me post babies, the GM is just perfect for you! Katherine