Tivoli PM for tall girls?

  1. Hi Everyone, I am new to this blog and new to buying LV!

    My bofyfriend bought me a batignolles horizontal for Xmas but I didn't like how it fell off my shoulder, so we decided to exchange it for a handheld bag. I fell in love with the Tivoli PM based upon the pics online (I have never seen it in person) and I am currently waitlisted for it.

    I have been reading the posts and viewing some pics here and many ladies who respond about the Tivoli PM say it is perfect for petite girls. I am 5'10" and as I said, want a handheld bag. In your opinion, is this bag too dainty for me? Are there any other tall girls out there who have the PM and are loving it? I think the GM is lovely too but I feel may be slightly big for my taste. Oh how I wish I could compare both bags at the store to make a decision!!

    Any help would be appreciated! ;)
  2. I honestly think that whatever bag you get will be perfect for you. I don't think that height is going to determine cuteness/appropriate-ness of the bag. I personally don't have a tivoli pm yet, but I would imagine that it would look good on anyone. So, I say buy and be happy with it. :smile:
  3. Your height shouldn't effect which bag you get. I think that if the tivoli pm will fit all of your stuff, you should get it.
  4. if you don't carry so many stuffs with you, then go for Tivoli PM. It's very cute~~~
  5. I agree with Sakura and Alexis... any bag is perfect for you!

    What are your thoughts on the Tulum PM?
  6. Thanks for the advice, guys!

  7. It is nice, I like the twist-lock close. Is the tulum meant to be worn on the shoulder too? For some reason I am into hand-held right now....
  8. When they come into the store you should try them both on. Then seeing them on you will know for sure!
  9. I have the the Tivoli PM and although I'm petite, I think this bag ROCKS regardless of height! It is the perfect size----not too small and not large. You will LOVE this bag!!! Enjoy! :smile:
  10. I think the PM is good for any height while taller people can pull-off carrying the GM more than a petite person.
  11. I think any height can rock it!
  12. My mom is 5'10" and she looks fab with her Tivoli PM. The pleats on this bag make it look full and soft, I think you can totally rock it, such a great bag!
  13. I think is will look great on you.
  14. You can rock any bag! I reckon as long as you feel comfortable you should be sweet :biggrin:
  15. Thanks! I can't wait til' I get the call. It will be like Christmas all over again! :yes: