Tivoli PM dilemna

  1. Just got mine today! Yippee!

    Anyway, I ordered and had it sent and never tried it in person. It is pretty stiff. I am not sure I like the flat bottom. I guess I didn't realize it was flat on the bottom - not sure WHY I didn't realize that!

    I like the bag, but I am kind of unsure...It seems so stiff. I have the Beverly clutch and it is so much softer.

    Will the Tivoli soften up? Not sure if I should keep it. I lusted after this bag for 2 months and now I am unsure. Any PM owners want to weigh in?
  2. Can you wear the PM on your shoulder? I can't decide between the pm or the GM.

    Post pics of you w/ yours!
  3. I have the PM also and yes, it is a bit stifff. As far as the bottom of the bag----It doesn't "sag" when you use it. It stays the same shape, which I love.
    As far as the "stiffness", I used some Apple Leather condition on mine, which seemed to help.
    I really love mine and I think after you use it, you'll love yours too. (Plus, you'll get tons of compliments on it!):drool:
  4. I know what you mean when you say that the canvas is softer on some bags than it is on others. The canvas on my Beverly MM is REALLY soft. IMO, if you don't 1000% love it, exchange it! or give it to me! lol
  5. No the PM isnt a shoulder bag..
  6. Congrats!! Post pics!!
  7. I have the GM but mine is the nice soft canvas. I love mine
  8. I think the canvas definitely varies.....I had one speedy that was stiff and another that was soft. Maybe see if you can do an exchange if you're not happy. It might soften up with use, too.
  9. i love mine. it has only softened a little bit, but the shape of it is what makes it so d@mn irresistable! its just gorgeous!