Tivoli PM - adjustable strap

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  1. I did a search but I couldn't really find any information so I apologize if this has already been a topic or has been discussed previously.

    I'm interested in the Tivoli PM and I'm wondering if an adjustable strap would fit on it. Has anyone done it? I assume it would clasp onto the bottom of the regular handles where the metal rings are. I know it isn't *meant* to be worn this way but I've seen people with Speedy's do it and it looks decent. (I don't want another Speedy as of yet) I can't tell if this will look weird on the Tivoli or not but I really want to invest in a crossbody bag that's large enough for everyday. AND I don't like the Palermo too much - I don't ilke the straight edge top.

    I'm very confused :confused1: and would like some people's opinions or if you have done it some modeling pics would be GRAND! :P

  2. Cant help on the tivoli pm.........but have you looked at the Odeon......l have the pm but they do mm, gm..lovely bag :smile:
  3. Oh, it's very nice and classy. However, I think it's a little too "long" for my taste. I generally like my bags to be more horizontal than vertical. I think mainly because I am short so longer bags look a little weird on me unless I'm wearing heels all the time. Thanks for your advice :smile::smile:
  4. hmm good question I've never seen it but I don't think it'll look bad...especially if you like it that's all that matters!
  5. Yep, I suppose I could go into the store and ask to see if I can put a strap on it. Wonder if anyone has a Tivoli and happens to have a strap and could do me a favour!

    I'm obssessing!

  6. aaaaaaaah i can't remember who it was..... but i remember reading someone with Tivoli PM with long strap..... i thought she got it in las vegas or something....

    darn, who was that?!!!

  7. she's wearing the Eva Clutch
  8. i know, but she was using the long strap on Tivoli pm.... did you read that part?!

    so i asked for the modeling pic in that thread!! =)
  9. ^^^ i borrowed from her thread......
  10. Ah, thanks! :smile:

    That EVA strap is a lot thinner (is it adjustable?) than the separate ones they sell is it not? I ask because if it looks good or is the same ones I had in mind then I may buy my mom the EVA and keep her long strap! :graucho:
  11. I think you could put that strap on any bag regardless of whether its meant for it or not. It will just wear at the rings/brass on the bag is all. I think because the handles fold down easy on the bag in question it will work.