Tivoli or Speedy


Tivoli or Speedy

  1. Tivoli GM

  2. Speedy 25 in Epi Red

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  1. Hi, I will be purchasing my first LV bag soon and I can't decide between Tivoli GM or Speedy 25 in Epi Red. I love both of them!

    I need your opinions on which one should I get first? Which one do you guys prefer?

  2. hmmm...both are totally diffrent than each other!! And i like them both !!

    I know you like both of them..but its up for you to decide because they too diffrent styles.. but I think the Tivoli you can dress it up and dress it down.. more than you can with the speedy Epi.

    Let us know what you decide! Good luck!!
  3. Speedy 25 in red epi
  4. The tivoli GM is so beautiful!!
  5. Tivoli Gm for sure! Gorgeous bag!!! (that's why there's a wait list!):tup:
  6. I would go with the Tivoli because the Speedy is so common - don't get me wrong, it's a definate must-have for your collection, but I personally would get the Tivoli first
  7. Tivoli love mine and think with the mono you will not be as limited as to what you can wear it with. Also it can be a handbag or shoulder bag another plus
  8. Tivoli GM

    Speedy 25 is too small
  9. The epi 25 seems to be a bit larger than the canvas 25 speedies.
    I have it in black and it was my first LV and still my greatest love. It goes from casual to dressy without effort and always gets compliments.
  10. I prefer red epi..
  11. red speedy!
  12. tivoli all the way!!!!!!! no questions
  13. I'd go for the Tivoli GM .... :yes:

    Let us know what you decide.
  14. tivoli for sure!
  15. I say Speedy Epi in Red as your first bag
    Speedy is a great bag and i just loveeee red

    you can always add the Tivoli later ;)