Tivoli or Manhattan??

  1. I dont know which one to choose. Tivoli PM or Manhattan PM or Manhattan GM?
    Pros and cons between the three? ekkk ):
  2. I can't speak about either of the Manhattans, although I do own the Tivoli PM. I LOVE this bag! It is So practical! The wide opening makes it very easy to get in and out of. Also, it is not heavy or bulky. (I've read the Manhattan is heavy.) The Tivoli PM is the perfect size for me and I even have room to spare in this bag.
    Hope this helps!:smile:
  3. My opinion is go for the manhattan!!! Tivoli is such a beautiful bag but in my opinion manhattan is one of the most classic yet modern bags of LV!
    I like manhattan GM more because one can fit it over his shoulder but PM is breathtaking as well..
    anyway IMHO you can't go wrong with either the manhattans!!
    Good luck
  4. personally get the manhattan pm... very elegant bag. pm is much better than gm for me... I really like that bag.. go for it :smile:
  5. Definitely the Manhattan pm!
    It is
    a. tacky
    b. sophisticated
    c. sexy (but just so)
    d. classy

    The Manhattan GM ist too big and looks more like a small weekender... (practical but not sexy or sophisticated).
    The Tivoli looks a little like a shopping bag or a bag you use on campus to carry around your books of Elizabethan poetry...
    :smartass:and to me it looks more like a fun bag. Of course, it's practical, too. But not sexy and not sophisticated.
  6. This morning i picked up my Manhattan PM and i'm soooo excited about that bag!! I never was a fan of it, but at the store it was love at first sight!
    The GM is very very heavy - the PM isn't heavy at all. And it's comfortable to open, soft and agreable. Go for it!
    The Tivoli looks really like a shopping bag and me personally I don't like bags with these "pleats", but that's just me.

  7. I second that opinion! Tivoli PM is a perfect bag.:yes:
  8. I would choose the Tivoli out of the three. I think it has a very feminine flair to it.
    The Manhattan leaves me cold.
  9. Out of your choices, I'd get the Manhattan GM .... :yes:

    I'm not a fan of the Manhattan PM or the Tivoli.
  10. I vote for Manhattan GM or Tivoli GM.
  11. My vote go to Tivoli pm such a cute bag!!! but I agree the Manhattan look more sophisticate then the tivoli more casual than the Manhattan ...whatever bag you choose they are all beautiful!!!!
  12. Manhattan PM :biggrin:
  13. Tivoli PM.
  14. Manhattan. It's a gorgeous bag!
  15. Manhattan Gm. I prefer the Tivoli in the Gm and the manhattan is pm a little plain. I like the strap that hangs down the middle of the Gm