tivoli or beverly...

  1. should I get the tivoli pm, gm or the beverly mm...beverly mm is almost the same price as the tivoli gm....and why did you choose the one that you did...looking for timeless and functional....I have the PH, LH, tulum pm and speedy 30 in mono...thanks for your help....tough decision....
  2. well, i love them all... if you think you'd carry this on your shoulder, the lv sa i talked to on the phone said that the tivoli is uncomfortable on the shoulder due to the rolled handles. i love the tivoli, though- i think it's really pretty. hmm. i'm no help. sorry!
  3. I would go for the Tivoli GM or Beverly MM/GM...I think the Beverly is absolutely timeless.
  4. I have the Beverly mm and i am planning on buying the Tivoli gm. For somting functional i would would go for the tivoli it would fit more. I don't use the beverly often because it does'nt fit all of my everyday junk
  5. I am thinking I may want both bags also. I have not seen either one of them yet irl though!
  6. tivoli! it is such a hot bag.
  7. I vote the Tivoli!!! Its so beautiful!
  8. Beverly IS a gorgeous bag but I like the Tivoli just a tad more!! So I vote Tivoli!
  9. tivoli pm
  10. Beverly MM ... I like the slip pocket on the back.
  11. I prefer the tivoli. The Beverly just looks too structured IMO.
  12. :tup:
  13. They're both beautiful, but I prefer the tivoli a bit more. I love the shape of it.
    I did see the Beverly GM in real life recently and it was absolutely gorgeous, but it seemed a little wide at the bottom.
  14. I'd go for the Beverly MM... I think it's more of a timeless style, personally...
  15. That's a tough one! My vote goes towards the Tivoli.