Tivoli or a chanel?

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  1. Well, I haven't gotten a bag in a long time. For a few years I was getting a bag or two every month and then my daughter came along and my priorities changed (as well they should have). Now I have the opportunity to get a bag and I'm scrutinizing because I want to make sure whatever I get can be professional and work with a wide variety of outfits. I really like the Tivoli GM because of the whole gathered/pleated look which I think can make it dressy or casual. I initially was thinking a black bag would be the way to go but I don't want epi and I want something that you can close very securely and not have things fall out of it. I also saw a Chanel that was the size of a neo speedy in a black sheen with top handles but I think it might have been a nylon type of material and for it costing close to 3 grand I would have preferred it to have been lambskin or soft leather. But, the allure of having a Chanel appeals to me. So what say you LV lovers? Bite the bullet and get the Tivoli or venture to the dark side of Chanel?
  2. Tivoli. If you look on the Chanel forum the quality isn't as great (unless you go vintage) and they keep having price increases (a few times a year, explain that?!).
  3. Definitely the LV, mainly because you said the Chanel is nylon. Three grand is a bit steep for any nylon bag.
  4. Tivoli. Do you have a pic of the Chanel bag? I'm not sure which one it is but I don't think i'd pay close to 3k for a nylon Chanel.

    Now if the vote was between a Tivoli or a Chanel Jumbo, then i'd vote for Chanel.
  5. Probably Tivoli will be the common answer on the LV forum.
  6. tivoli... mayb epi electric if you want a black bag :smile:
  7. Thanks for your input. I wound up ordering the Tivoli GM. I kept thinking the same thing that spending 3 grand on a non-leather bag was a little crazy. Now I can't wait to get my new addition. LV has never let me down before so at least I know I can trust the quality and customer service...and of course the people who love it are fabulous too :smile:
  8. yay! congrats WO. i'm sure you're gonna love it.
    gosh 3 grand on a nylon bag is really really annoying.
  9. congrats!! make sure you show us pictures when it arrives!
  10. Tivoli.
  11. So glad you bought the Tivoli. It really is a great bag. enjoy
  12. Tivoli. Only Chanel Classics for me :smile:
  13. Tivoli...you can also look into the Empreinte Inspiree....it's close in price as the Tivoli but all leather.
  14. I love my Tivoli GM (have it here now in my office) -- professional, and easy to dress up or down ...
  15. Tivoli mainly because I dont think a nylon bag is worth $3000...even with the coveted "CHANEL" tag attached to it.