Tivoli on its way!

  1. Went ahead with my first gut instinct and ordered the Tivoli PM...I'd been lusting after the GM for days and was diappointed that it was too large for me. And even sadder that my store was out of the PM. SO I called 866 and got it sent from a diff store...should arrive on Tuesday, I can't wait!!! :tup:
  2. Congrats to you. The Tivoli is gorgeous. I actually like the look of the PM better but I need a bigger bag so it's the GM I'm coveting now. Pics when you get it please!
  3. Congrats! You will love the Tivoli PM! I felt the same way - the GM was way too big for me. The PM holds more than you think it will. I just love this bag!
  4. my GM is huge! but I love it.. and I hope you will love your PM too
  5. Congrats...
  6. Congrats!!! Post lots of pics when you get her!!
  7. How exciting! Congrats on finding it!!!!! Post pics when you get the lovely :smile:
  8. Congrats!!! I love Tivoli PM!!!!!!!
  9. congrats, join the club :tup:
  10. congrats! can't wait to see pics! I just got my GM last night and it is LOVE!!
  11. Congrate!Tivoli Pm is really a cute bag,but it is hand held,cannot put on shoulder!I still considering buy the tivoli pm or palermo pm......
  12. I will be sure to post pics as soon as she arrives! Starting the countdown already...
  13. ~Congrats!!I can't wait to see your modeling pics:yes:~
  14. Yay...congrats! I've been enjoying mine ever single day since the day she was released!!!
  15. Congrats!