TIVOLI is already on LV website.

  1. Attention fellow TPfers!!!

    Both Tivoli PM and GM are available on website!!
    What really confused me is the dimension for both.

    GM 18.1" X 11" X 7.9" $1190
    PM 14.1" X 8.3" X 6.3" $895

    IRL, they said both GM and PM are way smaller...
    Can somebody clarify for me, pls... :confused1:

  2. I talked to my SA and found out pm is about 11" wide and GM is about 13.5" wide.
  3. I like the PM size, but wonder if it is strictly handheld? I see the description for the GM says can be worn on the shoulder..
  4. Yes, GM can be worn on the shoulder or adjusted for handhelding.
    PM size is very small, can be used on handheld. If you like something that can put on shoulder. Get the GM. I saw them both in person before it was officially released. I changed my mind to get the GM. :heart:

  5. Ok thanks! I will check out my local LV and see if they have them so I can compare in RL.
  6. Thanks girls!!! Keep your latest updates ya!!!!
  7. Jaaaey : Good luck on your purchase. Post lots of pics OK???

    Bacardigirl : Pls do compare and write back to us.

    Icy100 : Thanks for the info.
    Meanwhile, I will keep on :drool: cos my LV trip will be next January!!!:crybaby:
  8. for some reason i cant find it at vuitton.com, where is it??
  9. last 2 bags on the monogram bags page
  10. ORDERED IT!!! Thanks as always for enabling me you all!:tup: I purchased the GM...I will post pics when it arrives!
  11. Tivoli Price in Dublin, Ireland (for comparison to other countries)

    GM Euro 850
    PM Euro 590
  12. The Tivoli GM is in stock now at www.louisvuitton.com website. I already have mine and I love it. It isn't too big for me since I am only 5'3". I get lots of compliments on it.