Tivoli in stores Friday

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  1. Hi I am new to the Purse Forum, and new to Louis Vuitton as well. I was thinking of getting a Speedy 30 as my first bag, until I saw pics of the Tivoli...love at first sight! I called the Louis Vuitton store in Bal Harbour and they said Friday is the big day!
  2. cool that means I should be getting a call soon from the SA :smile:.
  3. Ahhhh! I can't wait to see the Tivoli! I heard it was pushed back to the 15th but hey this is the best new yet!!
  4. that's great!
  5. Oh no! Just called the SA here in San Diego and she said it was pushed back even further to the 23rd...ARGH!! Apparently some customs problems...I dunno but hopefully those of you who get theres on Fri will post pics for the rest of us to drool over!
  6. I hate when they keep pushing back the date!!
  7. arh......waiting waiting waiting
  8. the tivoli is SOOO pretty!
  9. I am tracking this bag and the 866# told me it was being released on the 25th. ARGH I wish someone would get a date and stick to it LOL! I want this bag!
  10. no.. i thought Tivoli is coming out on the 15th.. maybe someone should check
  11. last i heard the tivoli is being pushed back to the 23rd.
  12. it was really nice!!! guys do you have any idea how much is it?
  13. oooo...can't wait to see it in person!
  14. I am the same, was going to get the speedy for my first LV bag but I think Tivoli may be the one for me!!!!!! I wonder when we'll get it in AUstralia, hope in time for my "big" birthday in January!
  15. alright, checked, and the official released date is 11/23/07, can't sell before that