Tivoli in Singapore?

  1. hi there, just wanted to check with any singaporean bag lovers out there-if the Tivoli is available already in the stores. Its sold out in malaysia...and i have to wait for a really long time!!!
  2. yes it is in store now...
  3. Hi syeang!!! I am looking for tivoli too. I called dubai and morroco's outlets. The sa told me tivoli are out of stock! I am going back to KL in January for holiday, do you think tivoli is available during that time? Do KL stores replenish their stocks regularly as per every 2 weeks?? Can we trust their promises?? Sorry, I heard lots of negative comments of malaysian SA.
  4. Oh, do you know how much the Tivoli PM is retailing?

    I feel like getting it. :p

  5. i'm not too sure about the stock replenishing every 2 weeks, cos when i asked...all the SA said was that its out of stock and i just have to wait.kinda rude too. its retailing ard RM3595 if i remember.
    i called up LV Singapore. they asked me to check again in 2 weeks time. the SA were alot more professional !
  6. tivoli in Malaysia RM3600.00
    GM is sold out, PM I just saw one at KLCC last 2 weeks ....
  7. Oh that is for the GM right? The PM retails 895 USD so I figured it would be about 1320 SGD. :graucho:
  8. I'm from S'pore.... went LV DFS and Raffles Hotel 2 weeks back to ask abt Tivoli. Both plcs OOS. DFS told me to check back in 2 weeks' time (this week), RH told me wait till Jan 08, cos many customers already paid in full to reserve theirs. Dun like RH's SAs' attitudes (like I got no $$$ to make reservation too ?) :hysteric:
    anyway, Tivoli PM retails for S$1480 and GM for S$1980.
  9. Oooh that is quite pricey considering that the US dollar is dropping and it should cost only about 1320 SGD.

    Have to think bout whether I really need it for work though my papillon 26 is bursting at the seams already. :crybaby:
  10. Tivoli PM in Malaysia is MYR3600.00
    I didn't check for the price for GM
  11. Well, I used to call KL's SA few times, they cant give a decent answer, but they said LV replenish their stock every 2 weeks ( dunno whether this is true or not!). I'm staying in Ivory Coast , so it was really costly and hassle to call them just to check out on certain items and their answers are kind of rude too. So frustrating towards their attitude!
    I keep my finger cross to get tivoli in Dubai during my transit soon...
  12. yes it gets kinda frustrating when your talking to some of the SA's that are so rude. its like talking to the wall! but seriously at least the SA's in LV Starhill are nicer than the one's in Gucci. I once walked in with slippers, and i wanted to buy a bag. the SA's in Gucci was busy sitting down on the couch chatting and laughing-no one bothered to even serve me...so i went off to Loewe...at least they were nicer