Tivoli in banff!

  1. The Tivoli was available in banff today!! The PM was damaged so it couldn't be sold. But the straps are really nice on the PM. It's so cute and the pleats are really beautiful! The larger one has adjustable straps, to me i don't think the straps on the larger one look as nice! So if anyone is interested you can pick one up in banff.
  2. I tried so hard to take pictures for you to see, but there were so many SA's and the store was pretty empty! :sad:
  3. good to know! too bad you couldn't sneak pics, though, hehe...
  4. did u know how much they were going for? 885? the lookbook says 825 if they really are matching the US price.
  5. Thanks for sharing :smile:
  6. Can you please explain more on the "damage"???? All stocks are "damage" or only some....????:confused1:
  7. the canadian retail price for the Tivoli PM is $980.00. My SA gave me the info today.
  8. does the pm look smallish..my sa said the gm is much nicer...what do you think????
  9. I couldn't really see the damage, from where I Was standing it didn't even look like it had a damage at all on it. But she was probably hiding it from me.

  10. LV PUG: yeah the Pm is a bit smallish, I'm thinking about the size of the speedy 25.
    IMO the PM is better, but thats completely dependent on the straps though for me though, but the size of the GM is quite nice. It has adjustable straps you can adjust it about 3-4 notches I believe.
  11. thanks for the info shop_princess, its odd cuz when i asked today too i was quoted 885, i guess we'll see when during the release day. i'm still hoping its 825 but hey 885 is better than 940
  12. thanks!
  13. I really like the Tivoli PM more and more, for me, it's a great alternative to a speedy.
  14. are the straps on the PM long enough to be shoulder?
  15. My SA said it is more hand held...and suggested the gm to me...