Tivoli GM

  1. Hi, am thinking of getting myself, my very first LV handbag, Tivoli GM, and would appreciate opinion from others. I hear stories about the bag is sagged in the middle and handle hurt shoulder etc. I've the seen the bag and fell in love - love at first sight. I think the top part is beautiful and dislike the bottom bit. There's no support. Am thinking of a long term wear of this bag and would like to hear from others who have owned it. Am small build - 157cm.

    Thanks a mill
  2. I have a Tivoli PM, absolutely loved it!!! :yes:
    I didn't get to try it on before I get it because they were all sold out, GM and PM. So I decided to get the PM since I am a small girl. Turned out to be the perfect size for me.
    But I really loved it because it's different...
    For me, the handle doesn't hurt my shoulder and the middle bottom doesn't sag. But it might sagged on the GM since it's bigger.
    I hope this message helps alittle!!!
  3. I put a magazine on the bottom and this prevents the sag.
    The GM is a great bag, love the fact that the handles are adjustable.
  4. I love carrying the GM, and have not noticed the sagging. I love the multiple compartments inside, and really like that you can carry it on your shoulder or in the "crook" of your arm. The zipper on mine tends to stick, but probably just because it's new. It's my absolute favorite bag, and get compliments on it all the time! Get it! :yes:
  5. Like Shann, I have the Tivoli PM. I adore this bag---it is the perfect size for me. I considered the GM but after looking at the measurements, it was just too large and overpowering for my body type.
    If you saw it and fell in love with it, by all means get it! If you decide later on you don't like it, you will have no trouble selling it!!!:smile:
  6. Like the others, I love this bag. If you are concerned about the sag on the GM, check out the PM. The size is not too small and works for many body heights. I haven't noticed a sag.
  7. I had a GM at one time, it's softer than Trevi, but still more constructed than Speedy. GM's T straps are adjustable unlike PM. The rolled handle can be a bit painful if Tivoli is loaded, the pleats should not cave in unless you carry it tote style and sqash it w/ur arm, base should not sag as much because of the X stich at bottom, but there's always base boards you can get on eBay. Tivoli club have many model pixs :flowers:
  8. hm... my tivoli GM doesnt seem to sag and I've been using it since probably December. I'm 5'3 and the GM is the perfect size for me
  9. I have the Tivoli GM and love it! It does sag a little on the bottom, but I've gotten used to it. I don't typically like sag, but it's so minimal that it's not a problem. Get it, you'll LVoe it.
  10. I have had the GM since December and to be honest most of the problems dissipate with use!

    For instance the handles soften with time and although they used to make my shoulders sore, they don't any longer!

    The zipper used to be a pain in the butt, but now it moves with ease!

    I have never had a problem with sagging! Unlike the speedy it has a reinforced bottom with extra stitching! Maybe if it were really full you might notice a small sag- its nothing like a speedy though (I hate Speedy 30 + because of this issue).

    I first was drawn to this bag because of my love for the Stephen- I'm sure you will love it too! :tup:
  11. I've also had the Tivoli GM since early Dec. and its wonderful. The handles do soften up, the adjustable handles are a bonus, and they don't hurt the shoulders. There is very very minimal sag, nothing like the sag of a Speedy. I had only seen the PM IRL and realized it was too small for my needs so I took my chances buying a bag I never tried on but I lucked out and its now my favorite bag.:tup:
  12. To fix the sagging botton, put a magazine in it or cardboard like the speedy. It's a great bag with adjustable straps handheld bag or over the shoulder better than the pm version