Tivoli GM--

  1. Hi there! I am the one who asked if I should get the Tulum or Tivoli a while back, well I opted for the Tivoli. Thanks to all for the advice!

    I do love the look of the bag.. but I am struggling with the handles.. they seem to roll right off my shoulder. Does this better.. do I just need to wear in the bag??
  2. I don't have a Tivoli so I can't answer your question but congrats on your new bag! You should post pictures of it!!! :smile:
  3. Congrats!! Try overlapping the handles on your shoulder..that worked for me! Enjoy your new bag!!!:yahoo:
  4. That is what i found also, and the handles will get softer with use
  5. Could you please post photos of her with you holding her please(if possible). I was planing to buy one but not sure about the size. I think GM will be too big for me though. Congrats by the way, it's a very pretty bag..
  6. congrats, post pics please!

  7. Under the Louis Vuitton Clubhouse section...look for the Tivoli club....you will find lots of pics on different people.
  8. Thanks for the advice! I will post pics tomorrow. I was nervous the GM was going to be too big, but it is the perfect size (I am 5'8").
  9. i'm sure GM will look great on you since you are tall :yes:
    i have the GM, and i had trouble with the handles too (rolling off of my shoulder), but, after i extended the handles by one more (on both sides), the problem is gone. give it a try!