Tivoli GM ???

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am so happy to have found this wonderful spot. I am having a little decision-making problem and maybe someone could help me out. I am wait-listed for the Tivoli GM. I saw this on the Louis Vuitton site and loved it! But the size has me a little concerned. I haven't seen this bag in person. What do you all think about this one??

    Thank you!!!
  2. Ill move this to the LV forum for u....
  3. Hi and welcome! If you do a search (button on top of the site, near the site logo) you will find plenty of threads on the Tivoli. I like the bag-I tried it on and looks good on me (at least thats what I think:smile:) and I am relatively small!
  4. :welcome:, I own one and love it! It's more functionaly than PM IMO, mainly becuase the straps are adjustable, so i can carry it shoulder style or handheld. The vachetta free bottom design is great too :yes: Btw, I'm 5'6 125 pound, can post pix when i get home :smile:

    If you look in club house or do a search, there should be pixs around.
  5. I have this bag too and it's amazing. It's a pretty good size, but that always depends on how you like your bags and how you view your own proportions to bags. I find it wonderful and I'm short and small, but again, I LOVE big bags :yes:

    Good luck, I think you'll love the tivoli gm and i hope you love it here on tPF, welcome! :heart:
  6. I like both the PM and the GM, I just think the Tivoli is a great bag. To determine the size in which would be best you should consider if you prefer a handheld or a shoulder bag more. I like hand-held bags so the PM is perfect, but if you like shoulder bags or the option to carry on the shoulder the GM is a great option. I hope that helps!
  7. I like it in the PM!
  8. i own the GM and i love it.
    i'm 5'5 & 120lbs.
  9. is it out of stock in the States and Europe?
  10. i have this bag sitting under my xmas tree and its betterin real life than in person
  11. I think the GM is the best size if you like big bags. :biggrin:
  12. I love the bag... been using it since I got it.
    It's big but very practical to me. I can put ton of stuff in there.
  13. I love mine. Its actually one of my faves because it it so roomy. I like the GM better cause I like shoulder bags more, you cant put the PM on the shoulder. You can adjust the straps to shorten it up if you want to make it more of a hand bag, plus the zipper opens the bag up real wide unlike some purses where it is hard to see whats inside. Whoever designed this one hit the nail on the head!
  14. i want one but have been told its OOS worldwide. Is that true?
  15. I love mine! It's the perfect size for me...I'm 5'2"...I don't think it's too big at all!