Tivoli GM Zipper Problem

  1. Gals..I got a Tivoli GM..i experience little bit problem of the zipper..I need to pull HARD to close it..anyone experiences:confused1: it?
  2. Yep, it is a bit hard to zip...I think it's because of the shape. But it should get easier over time, I would think.
  3. Yep, I have a hard time closing & opening my PM as well!
  4. My PM is working fine.

    However when I picked up my PM, I tried on the GM on the shelf as well and I found it very difficult to zip - finally I asked a male SA to unzip the bag for me and guess what? He couldn't unzip it for the 1st time :sweatdrop:

    Actually he looked kinda funny when he had to keep his calm face but on the other hand he was trying hard to unzip the bag :roflmfao:
  5. Yeah, I noticed that too! I hope it is just because it's new, and will break in.
  6. A little beeswax will do the trick and it won't harm your bag.
  7. mine has that problem too...
  8. I noticed this with my lockit H. I put a little candle wax on the zipper and it helped. Like others have said i'm sure its the shape of th bag, but as the zipper gets wore in it will become easier.
  9. Where can i get the bee wax? I really need to pull HARD >"<
  10. ~^^ You can use the candle wax and that should be sufficient:yes:~
  11. Candlewax will work great. My friends and I use it on any zipper on our bags or coats that are hard to zip. It "smooths" out the track.
  12. It's probably the curve in the zipper, as it also happens with my Lockit H and my Alma.....
  13. yep, i notice that too with my gm.
  14. I also noticed this when I went to go look at some things yesterday... I just gave it back to the SA, before I broke the dam* thing. lol.