Tivoli GM vs. Palermo GM

  1. Does anyone have both of these in pics for size comparison? The measurements are fairly similar and I was wondering what they look like side by side. I was thinking the Palermo was going to be too big for me. I really dig the Tivoli but I wanted the shoulder strap that the Palermo has since I have a 4 year old and sometimes need to me hands free!

    Thanks all!
  2. I am thinking of both of these bags as well. I really like the pleats. I can't help with the sizes but look forward to the replies.
  3. now the palermo gm is growing on me......its very practical ....anyone can pls post their modeling pic for reference...wonder why there only few on this palermo clubhouse...
  4. Tivoli for me, I dont like how huge the Palermo GM is. Its along the lines of the Cabas Mezzo which is a travel bag to me. If you like huge though its nice cause of the strap BUT my Tivoli GM fits very comfortably on my shoulder. I just dont like the square top of the Palermo.