tivoli gm vs.epi noe

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  1. Planning on my next purchase, but need help. Which one do you like?:wlae:
  2. Epi Noe!
  3. The Tivoli gets my vote.
    The shape is so unique, the design is so elegant.. I love it!
    I find the Epi Noe a bit plain..
    Go for the Tivoli!
  4. ^^^ Agreed! Tivoli is very elegent!
  5. Tivoli!
  6. I have an epi petit noe. Love the subtlety and ease of the bag, but I have to admit that the tivoli is gorgeous. Sorry, I guess I am no help here...
  7. get the tivoli!
  8. Immediately I thought Tivoli GM!
  9. Epi Noe!
  10. Tivoli GM!
  11. Tivoli get my vote :smile:
  12. Tivoli.....
  13. tivoli gm for sure
  14. Tivoli
  15. ALmost everybody vote for tivoli, wow!~~~~~~~~ :noggin::noggin: