Tivoli GM setting off store sensors

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  1. Sorry if this topic has already been a discussed. I was out shopping last night with my beloved Tivoli GM and as my DH and I were walking out of a Nike Factory Store we set off the alarms. One of the workers checked my DH purchase to make sure no sensors were left on. The worker there then says “I think its your bag “(referring to my Tivoli). I thought to myself, is she implying that I’ve stolen something and then she clarified that some LV’s set off the alarms. Sure enough I swung my bag past the detectors and the alarm sounds off. What’s up with that?
  2. Maybe you should check if the rfid is still inside your new bag?:shrugs:
  3. Yes, look for a small LV tag about 1.5 inches long and .25 wide. I once purchased a LV item and they forgot to take it out. The weird part is that it did not beep when I left the store. I wound up returning the item and had no idea it was a sensor until I returned to the store and the beeping started. The security guard looked a bit confused since I was entering the store instead of leaving...lol. It turned out there was a security tag in the bag still.
  4. When I bought my new minivan two summers ago, my new car keys set off the detectors everywhere I went! No new purse, no new wallet or anything... the only difference was the keys. And then, after a few months, it stopped. No idea why!
  5. I have never seen one of these tags in any of my bags. Could it have been your cell phone?
  6. This is so weird. I've completly emptied the bag. No sensors what so ever. I think you all are referring to the little white security tag that sometimes has an adhesive on the back of it so that it will stick to the marterial. I can't find anything in the bag at all. Could there be a sensor under the lining of the bag?

  7. ^ I don't think that's possible...maybe you can take it back to the store? Or maybe the guys at the store just didn't know what they were talking about?
  8. It's this white security tag with bar codes on it that you can just remove. Try and look for it in the bag. I had one in one of my purses (non-LV) and it was setting alarms off whenever I walked in a store. But the final draw came in Tesco when I set off the alarms and the security guard went through my bag and told me the thing that was causing it. I don't think you should worry much about it. If it's not the thing I'm talking about, maybe take it back to the store, I'm sure they'll tell you.
  9. that happened to me before!!!!

    sure enough, my SA forgot to take the security tag thingie out!!!
  10. No sensor under the lining of the bag, double check all the pockets inside the bag
  11. Poor you! I hope you find the little bugger and get it out of there! That would be frustrating for you after a while. Great advice from everyone.